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Excerpted from "Oracle of the Heart" by Lujan Matus

The world is a mystery, yet that mystery unfolds itself if we are open enough to receive. Love is a gateway and the only one that matters.

Never leave home without love.

Laughter is the breath that emanates from one’s heart.

To genuinely be of service is to recognize that life is composed of suffering. And what a magnificent symphony it is. Within this frequency, love will abound.

As we press upon one another with our intentions, from our hearts fly luminous butterflies that intermingle and crossover to be absorbed. In abeyance, our hearts await.

When you are dissolved, the heart will be in service.

When listening to a person or situation, look inward to discover how your heart feels. 
This is the most profound state of communion.

Be within your heart. See and feel with your heart. Recognize your heart within another. Speak words from the heart. Receive the words of another within those precious chambers.

All quotes from Oracle of the Heart: Whisperings of Widsom for Daily Reflection.

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