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Places are still available for the next course starting October 10th

We currently still have a few places available for the next Lo Ban Pai training course in the Golden Lotus Series in Sedona from October 10th-14th.

The Golden Lotus series cultivates chi to stream through and restore balance to the physical and energy body. It functions similarly to ‘medical’ or ‘longevity’ chi gong by absorbing and storing the mysterious luminescence that emanates from the full moon.

This set builds a functional bridge between personal life force and universal energy and gives access to the ability to store chi. It is the beginning of the Intermediate level of Lo Ban Pai. Advanced dragon coiling is introduced in this sequence.

Once a month, the form is performed in front of the full moon. Moon energy has a special healing quality. This beautiful set of movements provides a unique way to cultivate the skill of connecting to vibrational fields at large.

The Golden Lotus is used for inducing very deep states of lucidity. Unlike normal dreaming, practicing this form produces visionary imagery that contains an enormous amount of information.

This graceful series awakens the capacity of the dreamer to the reality of becoming fully aware within one’s dreams whilst being subject to a trance-induced state between sleeping and waking.

Here are some testimonials from students who have previously undertaken this program:

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Activating Ling Kong Jing in the Golden Lotus

We are currently accepting registrations  for small group training with Lujan Matus in Lo Ban Pai in Sedona, Arizona, as well as online.

These courses are for five days each and involve a maximum of four students in Sedona, or six students online to allow for individualized tuition. Upcoming availability is as follows:

October 10th-14th – The Golden Lotus

October 17th-21st – Opening the Tao

October 24th-28th – Opening the Tao (ONLINE)

October 31st-November 4th – Gravity Series (ONLINE)

November 28th-December 10th – Dragon’s Tears

Please register via the link below: