The reason I went to the Golden Lotus workshop was, that I want to know more about the access to the electromagnetic energies surrounding us. Now it is five weeks later and this is a good space of time, to have a look at an emotionally affecting event with a sober mind.

In the meantime I practiced the series every day and two full moon sessions. What I can say by now is, that I am just about to integrate Lo Ban Pai in my life. And this is something remarkable, because in a happy and harmonic life of 54 years you do not integrate new things every other week.

I did it, because the Golden Lotus set is good for me energetically and brings growth in various aspects : in the past weeks I could raise my energetic level in terms of the need of less sleep. I have the impression, that the movements have influence on the crown chakra. I feel somehow clearer in my mind and realize things quicker. I cannot really measure it, it is just a form of being more wakeful.

I also have the feeling, that the heart chakra is different. Maybe also a consequence to listening to Lujan`s wonderful musical playlist, my heart is “more open”. I am more touched and connected to the little beautiful things, that surround me in my everyday life like the birds, the flowers, the trees, even mushrooms, as well as other human beings.

Physically my body has become stronger. Not the way I look, more the way my body feels. Like after a training in the gym, having worked out different muscles. This is something amazing, because – except the ambitious horse-stance – the movements are of a smooth and coiling nature similar to chi kung.

Also physical disturbances with the fascia in my back (painful stiffening) seemed to vanish. Local manual therapies as well as yoga over many months did not help, but the movements of Lo Ban Pai has influence up to the slightest ramifications like fascia. This is very astonishing and shows me, how complex our physical body is and how magic these movements are.

Last but not least the Golden Lotus is not only beneficial in different aspects of my human life. Maybe the most important thing in my opinion is, to do the things in life with joy and pleasure. And I can tell, that the smooth and coiling movements bring joy in my life and I am grateful for every day, my body is able to practice the set.

I recommend the workshops of Lujan Matus for everybody, who wants to get an idea of the energetic resources, that surround us, and how easy it is, to feel them.

I strongly recommend working with Lujan for those, who have the joy, discipline and will, to integrate the practices in their life, because they seem to have strong impact in different aspects of our daily life. It probably is of less importance, which workshop you visit.

I want to thank Lujan Matus for his loving and humorous way of teaching the knowledge of his lineage and his wife Mizpah for her support. I want to thank Sorina from Romania, who helped me get going after a rough start and made it possible, to take this gift home with me.

Blessings to everybody