I’d just like to say how grateful I am for having shared the experience of the Golden Lotus training workshop with everyone in Belzig. It was a truly beautiful experience leaning the practice, meeting Lujan and chatting with everyone during my week-long adventure.

I found Lujan to be a very loving, caring and professional in his approach to the group. I’ve not experienced someone so endearing and patient before and it really enabled me to focus and loose myself during the sessions and felt it was a very personal experience. Lujan was mindful in his approach to guiding the group through the training and explained the practice in detail.

I enjoyed the discussions and verbal teachings and could relate that with the physical aspect of the Golden Lotus I was learning. Lujan brought a powerful energy with him to each session, and I felt illuminated during my time with the group – something that I have been able to feel during my home practice too.

Starting my training as a student of Lo Ban Pai in Belzig has brought about some much needed clarity, closure and realization to my life. My transformation began a few years ago and I have since become devoted to my self-development, which has brought about previously unthinkable personal growth. My week stay in Germany has proven to be very significant and I’ve become more aware of who I am, what needs to be addressed and why certain patterns exist within me.

I am now integrating my experience into my daily life and am noticing a renewed sense of strength both physically and mentally. This is enabling me to become clearer on what needs to be done and my heart is guiding me to take the relevant action. With an increased awareness of patterns and agendas within others, and myself I’m able to consider my actions accordingly and make changes where required to support a stronger, more truthful and fulfilling life not only for myself but for those around me.

I now feel a strong pull to reconnect with my inner child and revisit the creative energy and interests I had as a boy. I have always been a creative soul and in the last 17 years have enjoyed success as a music producer and DJ. This passion started from a genuine love and interest in electronic music at the age of 14 but overtime from the attention and success I gained it developed in to an unhealthy tool my ego used to validate my self worth and existence. The music owned and controlled me just as many of my relationships did during this time, and as a result my heart couldn’t comprehend the disassociation with this despite the deep knowing I have had for the last few years that I was not living a truthful existence. I allowed my heart to be hurt, as I feared change.

Since the start my transformation many think I am lost but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Having worked so hard for the life I thought would bring me happiness, on reflection I realized I have never been so poor than the moment I thought I had everything. This isn’t just a new chapter for me, but a new book all together. I look forward to my next realization and I say to the universe ‘I am ready’.

I now feel free and able to direct my attention into channels that don’t support my need to be loved and noticed as a result of my isolated and unloved childhood. I’m excited to be exploring art and creative writing again without the ties of my old agendas and I have wept in the truth of my experience in the last few days when channeling my higher creative self – most notably after practicing the Golden Lotus.

I wasn’t ever looking for Lujan or Lo Ban Pai. I became aware of Lujan from the documentary ‘The Cosmic Giggle’ that I watched while on a spiritual retreat in the in Amazon, Peru only 12 months ago. I had been called to work with ayahuasca by spirit and had experienced a series of profound awakening moments during my research of the vine prior to visiting Peru. It was without doubt a calling. During some of the Ayahuasca ceremonies I attended over two visits in the last 12 months, I have experienced the presence of a spirit who I felt was of Oriental origin.

The realm I visited during my ceremonies supported this as the fractals and imagery I was surrounded by all had an Oriental twist to it. It was different to anything I had seen before – indescribably primitive and I perceived it to be sacred and ancient. This spirit was sat watching me, looking out for me, observing and supervising me in this realm.

I could not see his features but only his out line and some bodily detail that appeared armor-like. He was sat in an upright cross-legged position, hands in his lap. His energy was powerful. He was a warrior. His face was covered by some kind of mask. It was ‘T’ shaped covering the forehead, nose and mouth with two additional plates over each cheek. Around him was a vast void that was paved with rectangular patterns that drifted off into the distance. The realm was black, and the outlines of everything I describe were red with slight orange shading. The experience was very acute, more accurate than how my eyes see my normal waking life. It seemed more real and it felt familiar.

An unidentified craft was there and pulled up next to my consciousness. It unloaded information into me on the upper right hand side of my vision. The spirit was sat just underneath and slightly more central. Aware of my body but unable to move I felt relaxed. Nothing was said; no conversation, clues, sounds etc. I don’t know what was given to me during these meetings in this realm and I’ve not been at all focused on finding out. It was just something that happened during my healing process with the vine.

I felt a calling to shamanic traditions after my retreat experiences but didn’t realize a connection to this part of my ceremony experiences. I wasn’t even aware of Oriental Shamanism; the whole shamanic concept was so new to me before I started researching ayahuasca. The only time I had heard of shamanic work was an experience my brother had with a shaman in Malaysia. The shaman revealed the identity of a thief who stole the wedding rings from his wife’s parent’s house on their wedding day.

What Lujan spoke of in the documentary touched me deeply. I then became aware of his website, books and his shamanic workshops and was curious to find out more about him and his teachings. I noticed the scheduled workshop in Germany (not far from me here in England) and felt a calling to attend so sat with this and eventually booked onto the Golden Lotus Series.

I began reading The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception 3 months ago, as I wanted to have more knowledge of Lujan’s work before the workshop. I’m still yet to finish the book but it’s talking to me on a level I’ve not experienced before. It has triggered my memory of the past experiences I mention here and I have become more curious.

I feel I’m following my heart and walking my true path here. I have found a practice that can really support my quest in this life and I look forward to furthering my understanding of Lo Ban Pai with Lujan in the Bahamas.

With my deepest gratitude and love to Lujan, Mizpah and all I met in Germany.

John 🙂 XXX