Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

The Golden Lotus set that Lujan instructed was an adapted Ling Kong Jing version. The Ling Kong Jing aspect introduced the movements onto a different axis which engaged with the magnetism on multiple angles which he said creates a connection with multi dimensional anti-matter that is unique and appropriate to each practitioner. This anti-matter contains information to assist growth on ones life path. Lujan also extended the set quite considerably from the previous version and it was exciting to see the movements develop over the course of the training as additional layers were introduced and even new movements that acknowledged new students arrival.

Lujan spoke in great detail of the complexity of the art form and how it works. He described the movements and spinning vortexes and how they open potential for inter-dimensional beings to travel through. On numerous occasions he appeared luminous and holographic in a blue and purple haze during discussions. As he described the system it prompted many questions from the group and it gave me the enthusiasm to review aspects of electrical science and sustainability that are significant to my career and home practice of Lo Ban Pai/Spiral Energetics.

On an internal level a lot came to the surface over the week. It was obvious that I agreed with not only Lujan but others in my personal life when I should either be honest in my lack of understanding or in the realisation that something is not as it is presented.

A few occasions of this during the week were when Lujan spoke directly to me or the group as a whole:

Lujan: “You can’t itemise the movements can you John?”

My reply was so sure and immediate “Definitely not”.

Lujan: “You’ve all seen a dog wag its tail?” at which point the room fell to silence. Lujan’s reply after the silence was “of course you have”

This has come up in previous training sessions and is an aspect of my social self that unquestionably needs removing. I could recall moments in my professional life where I had been approached with or for information and I had either not acted when I knew or not revealed when I didn’t.

Racial and gender prejudices became evident as I became more aware of barriers in my personal life where I had previously denied their existence both of which are deeply ingrained as an automatic responses and recognisable through my gestures. This was an uncomfortable realisation and a core part of the programming in the country where I live.

I could clearly see where my intention was sexual and the frightening aspect of this was how immediate it was in my engagements which was an uncomfortable realisation to deal with. This had arisen during a previous visit to training and I could see how this was affecting my everyday life. It does not support the clarity and love I so dearly seek as a human being. This social aspect has bent my true nature away from what I find attractive deep down in my heart. Lujan spoke during the sessions of how he views everyone as a human being and equally. This seems so obvious and the right way we should approach our interactions.

Social communication was noticeable over the week and on numerous occasions I could feel self righteousness, competitiveness and the need to control and take charge arise. This manifested into all sorts of nonsense and I became resentful and had a desire to manipulate the environment and bend things to my will. An incident arose where I felt resentment towards someone as I did not get what I wanted. I felt the wind inside me that Lujan spoke of during training as I had not communicated my feelings when I needed to. I felt a clearing once I had opened up and could express myself again. In all areas of my life I have held others at ransom for their wrong doings and acted inappropriately from that. Deep down there is childishness that needs eradicating to allow maturity to develop in my life.

Lujan had mentioned during the workshop the importance of immediate communication. When my heart is closed I’m hiding something and I really wish to be fully open and loving. The training begun to open up sensations indicating when I should communicate and I hope this continues when I return home.

My ongoing work is to be loving, kind and honest to everyone and to continually review my ethics. I must also loosen up and become less rigid in my routines and find more time to have fun and enjoy life.

John Barber
London, UK

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