Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

I am immensely grateful for everything that Lujan has done for me and everyone in the group. Lujan has freed me from my negative self image and has shown me that I am a beautiful person inside and out. I will always be grateful for the wisdom, knowledge, and grace that he has bestowed upon me and the group as a collective.

Ever since going to the Golden Lotus workshop I’ve been enjoying every aspect of my life more than I ever have before.

Food tastes better, and I take time to appreciate my meals after I’m finished. I enjoy walking more, I feel more graceful, and meditative at times during my walks, while I listen to Lujan’s audio books. I’m enjoying my time with the people around me more than ever before, and I feel motivated to help people whenever I can.

The Golden Lotus was very difficult to learn at first, but now, as I practise I find myself doing the more complex movements in the place of simple ones. It has only been a few days since I’ve left the workshop, but every time I practise it, I’m beginning to feel more energised and a substantial amount of gravity after each session. I feel bigger & heavier, but not at all in a cumbersome manner.

I believe what I am feeling is the Ling Kong Jing that Lujan has integrated into the Golden Lotus. The movements are absolutely beautiful; visually and energetically.

This has been the most eye opening, joyous, and profound experience of my entire life and I will always remember this within my heart. I will write more, but I feel it would be best to let myself evolve and blossom as a human being first.

I am now moving forward with confidence, peace, and grace. I now know who I truly am. I am now aware that I can be whatever I want, and plan to one day become as adaptive, creative and elegant as Genki Sudo… or even more so!

My journey has only begun, and I cannot wait to see what my future will bring.

I can hardly wait until we meet again.

I thank you with utmost appreciation, respect and love.

Your loyal student,

Mark Nasse


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