An outburst of love expressed by Lujan’s students after the Golden Lotus workshop.

Apologies for the poor audio and video quality.

Dear Lujan,

Here are the lyrics for the song… big credit to Doron who put it together and brought its music to life thru all of us! Because we love you so muc so much so much…!! Lots of love and big thank. Monnie

Heyana heyana heyana
heyana heyana heyana heyana heyney
heyana heyana heyney
heyana, hejawana heyana heyney owey,

I want to thank you Lujan
for what you’ve done for me
I wanna thank you for all
that you have brought to e
for opening me up to help me to be free
like the birds in the trees
for bringing, all these people, in my life, to free, me
heyana heyney owey

I wanna thank you Lujan for opening me up
for me to really see me
for emptying my mind
so that I, can receive, and speak from my heart
Heyana, heyney owey

Because we love you so much
because we love you so much, so much, so much
because we love you so,
we sing our hearts
Heyana heyney owey.

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