Right now, the Nagual Lujan Matus is in the midst of teaching a workshop on the Golden Lotus series. I had the good fortune to study the Golden Lotus with him about a year ago in Siem Reap, and, although I do not always practice it every day, I always try to get it done. On days when I miss it, something seems lacking, so it is easy to get right back to it. Every time, I do it, it is different. It seems to be evolving on its own—indeed, I cannot be certain that what I am doing today is exactly what Lujan taught me a year ago. In fact, I am sure it has changed. Because of that, part of me really wanted be there, but financial restraints made it impossible to go there and do it at this time. But even though I very much longed to do the series again, another part of me knows that what I received was exactly what I needed at the time, and yet another part realizes that I have allowed it to evolve, and all that feels good. Yet I would love to see how the form is evolving for Lujan as well. Perhaps at a later date. . . .

I feel drawn to share with everyone something interesting has been happening since the October super full moon. I usually do the Golden Lotus series outdoors, most often at night, and recently it had been under the waxing and full moon, and it has been crazy. The night before, and the night of, the super full moon, I began my practice with the moon-gazing exercise that Lujan gives in Awakening the Third Eye; imagine my surprise when, at the end of the meditation, the moon did not zig-zag up as in the instructions and as I had expected, but slowly moved straight up, leaving shimmering streams of light behind it—like images of the sun showering down rays in Egypt under the pharaoh Akhenaten. It was awesome. It filled me with much joy and peace.

I am also getting to the point where I am feeling as though I am surrounded by a bluish light whenever doing the Golden Lotus series, and it seems especially strong at night time (I don’t notice it so much in the sunlight). But the past few nights (even under the waning moon), while doing the series, especially the later half, I have “seen” (perhaps not with my physical eyes) a very bright golden-white light off to my left, in my peripheral vision, as if some shining being (like an angel?) were standing just outside of my field of vision, so all I could see was the light. At first I thought it was just a reflection from some car lights nearby, but there were no cars and no lights of any kind to be seen. It “feels” as if a large being of light, reminding me somewhat of what Don Juan Matus used to call a “luminous egg,” is standing off to my left, but when I turn to look with my eyes, the image is gone. Yet if I look straight ahead once again, I can once more see (sense?) the golden light in my peripheral (inner?) sight.

It is very bright, and I don’t know consciously what it is, but it feels very benevolent. I thanked it for coming, and told it I was sorry I could not communicate better, and then continued practicing the series, following it with my Bagua practice. As I continued to focus on my movements, the light slowly faded, but the intense energy remained and something of it remains even now.

I have no idea what it all means, and I don’t really care. All I know is that it is something that is happening to me at this point in time and when it happens I feel not fear but bliss. Not judging an experience and not judging my reaction to it has always been difficult for me, but in this case, it feels as natural as breathing. That can only be due to the gentle, loving teaching of the Nagual Lujan Matus. Strict, severe, and sometimes scary as hell (because he is reflecting me back at me!), he is also the kindest, gentlest, most caring being I have met on this planet.

A few decades ago, if someone had told me about doing movements for the health of all my bodies and going into the emptiness of void power to become my true self, and that if I practiced them I would be able to see and communicate with and even enter other dimensions, I would have shrugged my shoulders and taken it with a whole box of salt. But ever since I learned the Golden Lotus series with Lujan, my life has radically changed. As I am a Buddhist priest in the Shingon tradition founded by Kūkai, I had told several friends that meeting Lujan made me feel like Kūkai meeting his heart-guru, Huiguo, in China. (Strangely enough, I have since learned that one other person from Japan also had the same feeling.) In many ways, meeting Lujan made me feel like Neo meeting Morpheus, and, just as Morpheus in The Matrix, Lujan gave me what was essentially the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill would allow me to wake up from the dream of everyday pre-programmed 3D “reality” and to live fully in the “real” world, therefore living “my truth” with integrity, even though it is a harsher, more difficult way of life; whereas the blue pill would allow me to stay deep asleep, living in a pretend world within a mass-induced coma.

Just the other day, someone named Elizabeth wrote a testimonial that really hit home (The Electrical Current Emanating from the Void Power) and she quoted something Lujan had written in Whisperings of the Dragon. And recently another person named John wrote an amazing testimonial about Lujan’s teachings and the development of Void Power (Transdimensional Development through Lo Ban Pai) in which he referred to the same quotation, and Lujan even answered him with an expanded version of it. What he said at that time is something that I need to keep reading over and over; I need to keep reminding myself of this truth, and so I feel I need to include it here, thinking that others might feel the same way. What Lujan wrote is this:

“All the forms in Lo Ban Pai draw on trans-dimensional antimatter, which is 85% larger than our three-dimensional reality in terms of increasing the gravity that one can experience through the spiraling vortexes that manifest the doorway to the magnetism created through the forms that I have taught my students. . . .
Once the gravity gains amassment, one’s personal power changes, in essence, drawing the metaphoric line in the sand. When one crosses over, there is no way back. This is where one’s moral perspective becomes universal ethics, which can be difficult for the socialized mindset to comprehend. Within this process, a human being really becomes an earthling; a virtual universal conduit.
At this stage, many people have difficulty coming to terms with making the fundamental changes from the socialized characteristics to an impersonal approach that is full of compassion and understanding beyond the measures of the dogmatic mind. But nevertheless I have faith in everybody to that will appear in all things experienced.” (lightly edited)

For me, that sums up the crux of his teachings—it also pinpoints just where I am. My goal as an individual is to manifest the doorway, to cross over its threshold and walk through it, and then to step fully into my true reality. Right now, it feels like I am straddling the threshold, with one foot in the everyday reality of social programs and conditioning, and the other in the multi-dimensional reality of Empty Power that requires great responsibility and integrity. This may have been what the Nagual Don Juan was talking about when he told students to jump off a cliff. It may well be that what he was really talking about was what Lujan sees as the leap into the new paradigm that we must all take to awaken the seer within. Well, I have already come this far, so I may as well drop all the fears, drop all the worries, and just let go of all attachments, and finally leap through the Gateless Gate into a brave new world, “to boldly go where no one has gone before.” It is time to let the Sleeper truly awake! With benefactors like Lujan Matus, the trip is not only feasible but possible. And it is incredibly exciting.

I am so thrilled with the effect that the Golden Lotus series is having on me physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually, that I am diving in and will study the Dragon’s Tears series with him in 2017. His Lo Ban Pai movements open up portals to dimensions I had not even imagined, and fill me with light, energy, and joy. He describes Dragon’s Tears as “an elegant series of movements that reveal to the warrior the transcendent essence of our true nature.” I highly recommend doing any of Lujan’s courses—whichever one you decide to do will be perfect for you, since he tailors his teaching to his students. But be forewarned, once you have tasted what he has to offer, there is no going back. For me, anyway, I am very glad that I chose the red pill. . . .

With much gratitude to the naguals Lo Ban (Lujan), Don Juan Matus, and especially Lujan Matus, I bow in humble thanks.

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