Acquiring Power – The Most Elusive Act That Can Never Be Performed

Lujan's masterful kindness and patience.

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Experiencing Visions During the Practice of Dragon’s Tears

A sort of wonder joined with equanimity saturated my being.

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Be In Your Truth Without Bias

How to protect the innocence of your heart.

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Book Review: Shadows In the Twilight: Conversations With a Shaman

This was such a powerful idea for a book.

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Personal Power Can Be Obtained Through A Feeling

But which one is the key?

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The Way Our Eyes Perceive Is Changing

I continue my work to become clear-hearted.

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The Progression of One’s Path Upon the Tenuous Threads of Light

Many transformations occurred on many levels.

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Collecting Light Energy Through Elliptical Orbits

I understand that nothing is more important than this!

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