As I was practicing Dragon’s Tears, I allowed my eyes to remain engaged with the interplay of the shadows upon the wall. The windows were behind me in such a way as to show two shadow-figures on the wall, with slight variations in size. As I practiced, the sensation of beauty filled my being and my eyes sustained absorption in the shadows and light on the wall, as the sun reflecting off of cars driving past would occasionally flow through the room.

I witnessed a line of energy from my solar plexus up the right side of my abdomen along the sternum joint and my attention began to waver slightly, as I thought “I will not inquire further…”and then I suddenly had a feeling in my head of confusion or perhaps unworthiness, followed immediately by a thought “I will inquire further…”, excitement and my attention began to expand immediately.

As I practiced, at one point my body halted the movements, and when this had happened in the past, I would usually give a little “kick” with my mind, “do next”, as my attempts to wait had not “delivered” some kind of result (and practicing with expectations does not work). This time when that urge happened I halted and waited, it felt like a confident bodily command to wait. And as I did my vision blurred a little bit, with a specific feeling in my eye muscles and eyes.

As I continued to observe, a ball of gold-ish light flowed with an orange-ish streamer flowed upwards from the heart (on the wall) to land in the third eye of the head, and I simultaneously felt – experienced it in my body and understood that DMT may have been released in the waking state, as my brainwaves were in the low-theta / delta ranges in most areas, although high activation in the visual cortex was apparent.

There were visions of internal organs and what looked like a gem encrusted orb. The shadows dissolved from the wall, and practice continued for a while without the wall-shadows facilitating some of the guidance of my hands. At one point I witnessed dialogue beginning to appear within my brain like a dust cloud, and observed a square of dark shadow upon the wall in front of me, which near instantly vanished as practice continued, as the dialogue abruptly halted.

The wall-shadows occasionally reappeared and disappeared a couple of times. It was quite beautiful. The urge to “play” with them or see if I could make them disappear or reappear didn’t arise.

A sort of wonder joined with equanimity saturated my being. Towards the end of the practice the face of a golden and almost gem encrusted radiant Chinese dragon appeared in the chest area of the wall-shadows. I do not know why I was not paralyzed with awe or weeping with the beauty of it — except perhaps equanimity. It was magnificently beautiful beyond anything I could have imagined.

Later I witnessed a luminescent butterfly emerge from the floor near my feet.

I can’t tell if Lujan is transmitting or facilitating my reception of it anew or if I am recovering memories of having received Dragon’s Tears previously. So I don’t always write down immediately when shadows on the wall appear like bamboo and the figure appears to resemble Lujan’s shape more-so than my own, or which it has been doing recently. Or when the shadow on the wall suddenly seems to have depth and dimensional opening that one can gaze or perhaps travel into.

I’m unsure how forthcoming to be, as I feel there may be others in my circumstances that would not fully understand what I experience and that sharing could jeopardize my well-being in some ways — and yet I want to share the gifts of these experiences to benefit as many others as I can. It doesn’t seem to me that the visual details are as important as the realization of quietude and health and happiness and inner beauty, capacity to travel inward more clearly, sense of renewal and vitality, stripping away of internal blockages, etc.

I am asleep in my bed, I hear a bronze statue that I have in the window shift, as if it had been tilted slightly and then set back down. I watch as my spinal energetic structure near my heart is reorganized, and shifted, blue light adjusts position within my body. I get up, and practice. It seems likely to me that I will capital D Dream afterwards, I feel loaded and non-expectant, ready and open, unattached.

In a room with many artifacts in it, it is spacious and pristine, sealed, reminiscent of an antique store without dust. I feel elated, and begin to notice that I am dreaming, and begin to contemplate a direction to travel.

I begin to ask myself about the Dream Makers realm — and contemplate intending to go there, while trying to stop myself — I had directly spoken to intend it in a dream a long time before and been returned to waking with the sound of a jaguar roar — and while I’m contemplating this, my body begins to float in the air as if lifted by clouds, and begins to expand and be lifted, even though I had not intended beyond internal inquiry of it’s appropriateness — the scene fades a sense of velocity begins to occur within consciousness and there is just an expansiveness and my beingness expands to limitlessness, and is filled with the most beautiful music, almost like classical music of some kind, with one small star light speck that speaks amid the vastness. Then it the music recedes and I perceive a vast flower-like arrangement of energy before me, with rainbow ribbons surrounding the edges.

I am returned to the room with the artifacts in it. I investigate what appears to be bicycle riding gloves or perhaps workout gloves, some of which are hanging from fishing line in the air. I contemplate what else I could do, and then I begin to contemplate understanding and locating the shadows mind within the dream, I begin searching the dream scene to locate it, inquiring beyond the scene with my attention.

I begin to spin, as if pulled backwards in a circle, yet somehow remained calm and oriented. As I spin the imagery dissolves and I wake up in my bed, filled with the joy and elation of the beauty of what I had witnessed, and contemplating possibilities of multi-dimensional travel that I had not observed myself contemplating while dreaming.

Why did I not intend to visit my physical body, can I have that intention transferred to my dreaming, to come here, to our living world ?

Or is that not really an intention that can be made personal, simply that I must empty or make space for it ?

My heart felt so filled when I woke up.

I still have some structure to break down with regards to talking to myself.


You have to make space by not occupying that region. The way you create room is to not occupy the desire to be there; to be anywhere, quite frankly. It is more powerful to truly be in the moment that is dancing with you while your eyes are awake and true dreaming occurs. This is in our waking world.

Going into dreaming with an intention is a dead-end street. We must deal with the fantasies that are prolific in our world, to bring us back into cohesive union that is based upon love and devotion for one another. This is where the true journey and the true lessons are learned from life.

It is your private world that can be entered and exited only by you. To not speak about how you exit and enter all realities, is the key to wisdom. But we must under all circumstances work on this waking world first to allow the trans-dimensional aspects of ourselves to appear on their own accord, without the intervention of our intent.

That must be observed until it disappears into what it is meant to be and until we get there we don’t know what that is. When we discover that this requires personal power this gives all practitioners the ability to plug all of our social leaks into the magical world of a seer.

Remember, when you read The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, I didn’t intend to be with my benefactors. They came and stole me from this world against my will. This is the reason why I know dreaming is a dead-end street. Something will come and get you when you’ve reached it, but you can never know what is there waiting for you, or when, so we must relax and be of service to such a degree that we disappear from who we thought we were, to becoming who we are meant to be.

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