Okay so what I’m about to tell you is a 100% honest and accurate summary of my personal experience and some events that unfolded upon the reading of Lujan’s material and a handful of Skype sessions that I shared with him. Ideally, I’d like to illustrate this in a circle diagram as I feel that would be most appropriate to the overall realization I had, but for ease of use, I’ll recite my experiences in paragraph format:

At this point in my life I’ve read one of Lujan’s books and dabbled around in the world of shamanism, nothing too serious. So, one morning, out of the blue, I had a very peculiar dream where a black figure with what looked like a top hat appeared about 3 meters in front of me. The figure just stood there and out of its chest emerged an energetic, expanding purple flower that emanated towards me, I remember the scene very clearly and vividly to this day. After a minute or two the figure disappeared and the dream ended.

Right after that I had another dream, another figure appeared about three meters in front of me, standing on what looked like a brightly colored sidewalk. Facing me, this being was slightly hunched over and had long arms, it’s bodily frame reminded me of an old Indian. When I looked at its face I saw it was wearing a mask, one that looked exactly like the mask in that movie V for Vendetta (the one with the pointy mustache – it is also worth noting that I’ve never seen this movie before, merely glanced the image of that mask on a poster). From this being I got an intense feeling of exquisite beauty in my heart, it was absolutely mesmerizing in its purity and melancholy, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

Upon my waking up in the morning, the two dreams and beings that I saw so clearly, and which felt so real, had impacted me immensely in that I had a strong desire to find out who or what they were and to further my knowledge and experience.

From there I embarked on a six-month journey to learn as much as I possibly could about Shamanism and read just about everything I could get my hands on, Lujan’s books being my foremost influence as his teachings strikes a chord within me. I then proceeded to enlist for Lujan’s online shamanic tuition Skype course.

By now my sessions with Lujan had started and had had three so far. My first session I would call: “coming out of hiding” as in this session Lujan relentlessly came after me as there was a part of me caught up in judging, bullying, dominating and acting superior in order to attain self-serving preoccupations; a part of myself which I wasn’t even aware of. In session two his teachings focused on the two different methods of interpreting the world. One being the logical/rational mind, used by the majority people in society nowadays and two being that of a seer who interprets the world first with his heart via feelings then from there can be transformed into insights to be communicated. Session three was very relaxed and like good friends we had an interesting conversation about mutual interests and funny stories; toward the end of the session Lujan said he’s going to leave me with this: “become aware of who it is you are trying to portray socially and the social mask.”

I took Lujan’s words to heart and in the middle of the following week, while sitting down and watching a movie called Samadhi: “Maya, the Illusion of the Self” (excellent movie btw) – a few minutes in 09:11 to be exact, a large image of the same mask I had in my dream almost a year ago popped unexpectedly onto the screen with the narration: “we live lives locked into narrow patterns…”. And suddenly a huge amount of information poured into me. I distinctly remembered the being who held the mask over his face in my dream almost a year ago and how all of it was tied together (the dream, the calling for knowledge, the lessons with Lujan and feelings I got from them etc.). It all made sense to me now, that the hunched over being with long arms on the brightly colored side walk giving off that beautiful feeling was Lujan and it was destined for me to cross paths with him and to learn certain lessons from him essential to my life path. I also realized how utterly futile our attempts are to try to control the path of our own lives, and how we need only to trust in Spirit and let events unfold as they need to. At this point I actually stopped the movie to stare at the mask and started to cry… I then accidentally closed the movie and when I opened the movie again in an attempt to find the location where I left off, I clicked on a random spot on the timeline, which happened to be the full shot of the mask again. I wrote this realization down as I wanted to talk to Lujan about it in our next session.

What happened in our fourth Skype session was nothing short of miraculous, I won’t go into too much detail at this point, but what happened was that Lujan totally pre-empted my realizations and without me telling him any of it. He proceeded to communicate my realizations that I wrote down back to me through a sequence of stories and events. He even used specific words and phrases that I wrote down, as if he knew all along. (can go into this session with more detail if required)

How he did all this I have no idea, but what I do know for sure is that this is an absolutely magical, interconnected world and my experience with Lujan aligns with the spiraling nature of the universe and our true nature as multi-dimensional light beings.

South Africa

Louis I would love you to reiterate and further substantiate in more complexity your experience if possible. It is always my pleasure to see the awakening of my students in all their variants. In the replies below, Louis, this is where you can expand if you feel the need to.

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