Dear Lujan,
Many transformations occurred on many levels during the last three months of practice. Along with physical ones (gained some muscles and strength, lost some fat), some surprising others emerged lately. I can smell and hear much better than before, not that I had a problem with any of those senses. My diet was also subject to change, though it becomes difficult when travelling or simply going out. I am going now at almost half fruits and half vegetables meals. I eliminated wheat and sugar based products and buy almost all organic and bio labeled. It feels great!

I kept practicing all sets, some in the morning (Opening the Tao, Awakening the Energy Body and Windlock System), and some in the evening (Dragon’s Tears and Golden Lotus), with few exceptions (when traveling or having guests). My energy for the day increases and I am able to focus and perform better at work. The practice is now embedded in my daily routine and dear I say, got me addicted! I remember mentioning to you, back in January, that I probably reached a “threshold” while doing the Dragon’s Tears. Now I can confirm you were so right to say it was a self-imposed limitation, as each day brings more energy and light into by body. I feel the energy denser, heavier and alternating from very warm to chilly.

Opening the Tao is a fantastic set of movements that activate the body energy: starting at palms level it goes all the way up to the arms and shoulders, while from the feet rises up to the lower dantian. I feel the orbits activating and warming up the lower dantian and then circulating the energy to the middle and upper dantian. At times, the frog jumps out of the belly when practicing the Windlock system, and indeed, is a distinct feeling!

I sweat a lot now during practice, even the evenings when I do not begin with the warm up exercises, mostly at Kidney Gate and Butterfly Mudra… and this is surprising since I live in a rather cold climate. I have a question on a particular effect of the practice: at times I feel a pressure behind the ears, on each side of the head, at ear lobe level, other times next to each scapula. Are these pressure points related to the two side channels you were mentioning during our practice?

Another effect I would like to mention is that when I go deep into practice and close my eyes, I ‘see’ a beautiful ongoing spiral of different colors passing from purple to deep blue, blue-red, light green, yellow and milky white. It is similar to what I experienced during meditation. Are these colors corresponding to the chakras and moreover, are the chakras activated and/or enhanced by the orbits contained in the sets of exercises, thus creating the body of light?

On relating to others, another topic discussed in January, although I see with more clarity what people wish or feel, I remained open to receiving whatever arrived. The self-preservation or self-protection “program” I created and applied for years, turns out to be difficult to put aside, as it is heavily connected to my ego. In time, besides disconnecting me from those I was interacting with, it also led me to lying and pretending I wasn’t seeing things that needed to be addressed. I am determined to continue and close these loops, as they come back, without any prior script – as in the past.

Would you have some advice for me? I see it as an essential part of the recapitulation process you are mentioning in your books and interviews.

I will stop here for now and end my feedback thanking you once more for sharing this ancient knowledge with us, as we are at the dawn of spiritual awakening and evolution to another density!


Your increased sensitivity in terms of smell, sight, sound and touch will be amplified as the years go by. You will begin to see things that you may possibly believe you are not seeing in the beginning. Relax into this and do not add anything to it because as your senses become more attuned, you will begin to naturally perceive deeper into the range of the gray spectrum of your eyes and ultimately beyond this field of restriction that is imposed upon us via our limited genetics that are only a consequence of portions of our DNA not being lit up through becoming something else instead of what we are.

Yet what we are has grave limitations on who we were. You will understand this more deeply as you begin to read the filaments of information contained within the light that becomes interpreted via your capacity to assimilate sensory data that are seemingly out of the range of our phylum. This is the most crucial thing to understand: We are recognized upon this planet as a species that has many capabilities, yet we have fallen because of the ideas imposed upon our beingness through the vehicle of those limitations. It is more than social engineering. It is a very vast and complex subject to establish any form of credibility until there is an amassment of consciousness that goes beyond the limitations imposed presently.

The warm energy is a natural occurrence of the increase of density, which is an amassment of light frequency that is collected through the skin and eyes. It is a consequence of the subtle act of communion that reveals this sight. The cold you are feeling is your body ejecting pathogenic energy.

Are these pressure points related to the two side channels you were mentioning during our practice?

This sounds like the release of toxins due to the activation of neuro-lymphatics. As you know in Lo Ban Pai there is in most cases pressure applied to the upper chakras through postures. This pressure will decrease as your channels become more clear. It has nothing directly to do with the pillars.

Are these colors corresponding to the chakras and moreover, are the chakras activated and/or enhanced by the orbits contained in the sets of exercises, thus creating the body of light?

All things that manifest visually must be watched unbiasedly without referring to any form of ideology. When something is given a name it becomes that when in actuality it may be something else, which is this that may be pointing to an obscure factor that is overlooked because the power of that cannot see the subtleties of this occurring.

Light manifests information and as we progress as a species the interpretation of this very subtle influence must be read with the eyes that are receiving its content without bias, so one may evolve to the next instance that in a lot of cases is not related to the previous encounter. Be open and free at all times of the malignancy, which is our present-day human paradigm, which demands concrete answers.

The orbits that you are now practicing within Opening the Tao create a new neural network of inward reflective intelligence. Even though your practice seems to be the ultimate influence, the influence of the practice will be the ultimate entry into an alternate intelligence. This will be further explained in the forthcoming book “Who Am I?”.

On relating to others … Would you have some advice for me?

Be yourself. That requires the full dedication to somebody else. And of course there is observing what you can’t interact with by withdrawing subtly. Then subtly interacting with that you have withdrawn from.

Once again be aware of the social dogma that you speak of. It creates a prism that causes an irreversible triangulation if practiced too deeply, where one cannot find a door to escape from if it is used as a device of reliance. This is a consequence of being subject to the physical manifestation of our world. You will understand this by eventually seeing it.

For this to occur you must drop all nuances of social dogma and political correctness and this can be done through compassion and the foresight of kindness, spoken in words that have received the recipient’s dilemma, by virtue of being an open conduit. This occurs because you have left the building, or the internal reservoirs of your own beingness, as an ultimate consequence of the amassment of communion that Lo Ban Pai cultivates.

It would be highly beneficial for everybody who writes a testimonial to also ask questions amidst their revelations. This means that our meeting will extend into correspondence, which has always been my intention with this blog.

Thank you Daniela for your input. Send my love to your husband.

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