Testimonial – Opening the Tao Workshop

If I could get all the money I spent on therapy back, I would donate it to the Parallel Perception organization. “Problems cannot be resolved on the same level they were produced” (kind of quoting Einstein here).

Firstly I thank Jana for tending to the venue and all of us, very kind. Thank you to Naomi Jean for helping us to internalize these movements and ideas (documenting the movements on paper). Thank you Mizpah for the continued input on nutrition and organization of Parallel Perception. Thank you Lujan, Nagual, for helping us to connect to the Universe Wide Web (no additional hardware necessary)

The day I left for Barcelona to learn these practices I found myself uncharacteristically energized to complete some things, return some borrowed things, clean my living space, as if I knew that nothing would be the same when I returned, and to complete some things, close some ‘leaks’, was the right thing to do.

Also my job had just moved to a new location downtown in a fairly major city. So my whole routine changed, now instead of driving door to door, now walking to the subway, surfing the train, (riding with no hands to stay in touch with my lower dantien and inner gyroscope), walking to the office.

Barcelona, under these circumstances, was a diverse and magical place, and at the same time full of superficial distractions. The sweet smell of marijuana is in the air frequently.

Two naguals walked past me in an alley, one barely brushing my shoulder, was wearing a funky cap. Five flights up to the sessions. Five flights up to my hotel room. I took that as a sign to use the stairs for both, the session location had no elevator. More oxygenation.

The classes revealing and learning the movements were great, funny, and pushed my physicality. There was laughter, and crying as well and a great peace in the room. It was cool to hear Lujan and Naomi converse. They have an enviously fun dialogue. And the conversations were great, Lujan, with his masterful kindness, handled anything that came up. He clearly has way more patience than I do at this point.

These teachings clear up a lot of what I had internalized regarding Don Juan Matus, and bring it to another more accessible, practical level for me.

The evening after the first two sessions, I had an experience that used to happen frequently, decades ago, during a period when I was attempting to learn to ‘astral project’. After falling asleep, I awakened in the void, and felt an electric shock through my entire body. And due to a lesson from Shadows in the Twilight, remained open to it, and grateful, withheld expectations and sensed that something is being ‘downloaded’.

I ‘saw’ too. Lujan asked that a brass WiFi protection ‘column’ he had purchased be brought out, saying that he had recognized it’s validity due to it’s emanation of a giant white sphere of energy, which he saw. While the device was being brought the conversations continued on for several minutes.

Then, forgetting the context I saw some motion in my peripheral vision and the edge of a giant white partially flattened sphere of light. It was the column being brought in so quickly it appeared and vanished, but it was there. I believe I saw this due to being in the room with power. These are the priceless, ‘tastes’ of what is always everywhere. It inspires me to continue to attempt to maintain inner silence, because so much is floating in and out of perception, all the time.

I appreciate being around a group of people that are in a similar intention and don’t feel the need to constantly speak. I practiced a lot for the first month but am admittedly floundering in my discipline.

And whether I can sustain the practice or not, some things have been opened: new channels within my biosphere are coming to my attention. I am aware of, and foster, the ‘floods’ regularly especially while walking. My hands feel different now. More powerful.

I feel the the empowering awareness of my pinky fingers. And for me, practicing these movements has opened things that are more present in my consciousness even when I’m elsewhere, under just normal conditions. There’s no good reason to stop practicing wherever I am.

These days I’ve had to defend my sovereignty and tell some people to back off. I’m the guy who said that ‘some people just deserve ‘a smack’. I meant this in an emotional sense but damn, trying to remain true to my great nature, sometimes the interferences pile up.

But even though I felt justified in my excusing myself from emotional vortexes that some have attempted to involve me in, the reverberations from situations keep looping. Could that mean that I was wrong in my handling of things?

I am saddled repeatedly with the endless ‘replays’. I fear doing the movements when I’m feeling this, of what i may invite into my self. Shadow Fist – which Lujan generously tucked in to the end of our week – seems to offer some relief, release.

A question please: Could the fact that these encounters keep looping in my head indicate that my handling of these situations was incorrect?

I was hoping that my handling directly would help me to exit cleanly. but no.

Mark Franchitto


There are no clean exits to be made from anywhere. Through our interactions we observe without judging and then we refrain from thinking about what we have seen – never projecting or explaining the phenomenon that we have experienced to anybody else.

The next thing you need to do is to breathe quietly. Same technique as is used in Whisperings of the Dragon.

Once you have conquered your internal dialogue, and even if you can’t do this completely, know that this internal freeloader does not belong and has no wisdom, apart from repeating what it already knows, attempting to represent everything that you have already seen.

If you know this to be a truth, then follow the feelings that have afflicted you and with that energy, give of yourself in humble recognition of your new circumstance, which comes upon you. Transform the turmoil that rages within into compassion for the next situation. Give generously of yourself without expecting anything in return.

This will cleanse the disruptive feelings and then the tidal wave that may have consumed you will turn into deep calm waters. This is to be of service. To relinquish the self which is screaming for recognition and give the platform of goodness to the next person.

At this point your agitation will turn into joy that expects nothing in return, other than what is truly seen and truly known. Yet in the same breath this can’t be carried with you anywhere. Service will demand gentle quietude and surrender that will foster the most unique power that you have ever experienced; transformation.

Be like a mountain that is reflected into the water. It is such a beautiful illusion, yet if you didn’t understand what you were seeing you would think it was real. This is known as heaven over heaven.

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