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I first came across Lujan through a film called the Cosmic Giggle. I felt what Lujan was talking about was very true from a feeling I had in my heart center and I thought to myself I need to meet this man or speak to him. Something really pushed me to engage with him .

On booking my online tuition with Lujan I felt quite worried that I would not be able to hide from him and there was a feeling of fear bubbling away and I did actually back out once but decided to re-book and deal with myself in whatever way I had to .

My first meeting was quite difficult as I felt like I was frozen and not really giving much away and Lujan picked up on this. Then I started to open up because I felt there was no judgement with Lujan. He was very honest and supportive and showed me what I was holding on to, which was only my doing and how to move on from the past and really accept what had happened .

I saw myself as quite an awake person but boy when Lujan and I met for the second time he showed me what my socialized self was and I was really shocked at what Lujan picked up on just through the language I was using. It really showed me what I needed to do to progress in my development.

While I was shocked at what I had been missing to take me deeper Lujan had such a compassion in speaking to me and we had some really quality laughs in the sessions that took place. I now see that the judgments I made against myself and others are just not real. It was chatter in the mind that was just leading me away from my truth and the moment that I was always chasing to find peace and happiness.

Working with Lujan has really shown me how to be in the space of complete silence and since our sessions have finished I have gone deeper and deeper into the void and can really see the knots undoing with the egoistic self and with that comes the peace of the moment the appreciation of life itself. I had an experience that took me to oneness and I could really see that there can never be two. There are no words that can describe the sense of love I felt in the presents of the almighty, seeing my self as everything and nothing, empty and full. How do you describe an experience like that?

You just can’t. It is pure love. I have this experience regularly now, almost to the point where my mind has stopped talking completely and I don’t look outside myself for anything, as I see where the kingdom lies within. Lujan showed me the ways and means for me to realize parts of myself that were there to be dealt with and to trust the feelings I have when I’m around others.

I really had a great time with Lujan and I would recommend anyone to have the online sessions with him. It is like super-psychotherapy with love, compassion and laughter. I can’t leave Mizpah out either. She has been really helpful with giving me detox advice and she was great at getting back to me with any question I have had, even though we were in different time frames. I hope I can meet them both one day in person as they are both rare beings to come by.

Thanks Lujan and Mizpah

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