I am excited to introduce students of all levels of Lo Ban Pai – including complete beginners – to the Three Treasures in the upcoming workshop retreat in Thailand in April.

This is a magical, energetic form that now will be easy to teach to my students because they have been practicing the Ling Kong Jing Versions of the beginners forms. This has also put, within the etheric field of human awareness, the capacity of those who have never experienced Lo Ban Pai before to now start to integrate. Even for those students who have never practiced Spiral Energetics, this will be a mystical and fulfilling journey that will reveal the energy containment fields within human form. In other words, everyone is welcome.

The Three Treasures is the foundation of the Small Mountain and Jaguar Series. In essence they are one form when all put together. In the case of the workshop we have morning and afternoon sessions and we will concentrate on the simple complexities of this form.

No prerequisites are needed to attend this workshop. I will be teaching introductory and intermediate movements and concepts combined, so that complete beginners can attend this course and learn the Three Treasures program and will easily assume these very simple movements, that look complex when practiced, with expert precision.

I will also be injecting a martial aspect, which is the Shadow Fist of Lo Ban Pai, to give everybody a complete understanding of the applications of self-defense – not as a physical brute force aspect – but as the experience of unwavering communion that comes from cooperative contact. This form will give you the ability to feel the Three Treasures of Jing, Chi, Shen and the capacity to understand how this method works via the movement of blood, and through these pathways understand the containment fields that the blood activates.

For myself, this form in its beginning stages – which is the Three Treasures – and its full extensions of Small Mountain and Jaguar, is the most powerful form of Lo Ban Pai in terms of the martial application. It has the ability to shift the quantum field of the practitioner through the activation of the biomagnetics of the toroidal field of the blood, which is a very important aspect of the Three Treasures. In this unique system one will learn to be transported timelessly in the moment they are learning to practice it and this has to be experienced to be understood.

You will begin to understand that blood drives the power of the heart and assists within its precious beating, which helps the practitioner to know that each cell is an individual unit of information that symbiotically are connected to each other in billions of fractal convergences. This lays open the shen gongs that give access to our multi-faceted nature, which reveals our quantum capacity to interact interdimensionally. Via this awareness you will obtain the precious elements of spirit, which touch upon the beingness that is activated through the sophisticated movements of this system.

So I welcome all to come and witness and learn, whether you are a beginner or intermediate practitioner, and I would invite those who have done this form previously to touch upon the martial aspects that will be introduced from a Ling Kong Jing or the empty hand perspective.

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