Testimonial For The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and Whisperings of the Dragon

I have been through the audio book of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception and both the audio and written formats of Whisperings of the Dragon many times now to immense benefit. I know I will move through their many layers and inversions more in the future. I recently had the energy from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception combined with the techniques from Whisperings of the Dragon impact me very strongly helping me to dislodge a very persistent imprint I have been struggling with since childhood. Additionally I had what seems like a moment of genuine seeing arise that was intriguing for me.

To give some context, I have been working as a teacher of mindfulness, meditation and spiritual guidance running a small local practice for about 9 years now. Having helped many and having had lots of experiences one might call “spiritual” I am admittedly still working very hard on integrating some of the concepts into the more challenging interactions in my life. This has been especially true with family, likely because the imprints that they press upon in me arise from sites that were cultivated years ago in their presence. Additionally the battle with internal dialogue has been immense as I have been through so many different teachings and techniques while being unable to properly address this phenomenon.

My first reading of Whisperings of the Dragon had me laughing out loud when I arrived, finally, at a technique that allowed me to so easily and practically turn off my internal dialogue. I felt very light-hearted and relieved that I even had something temporary to deal with this issue, let alone something that would, in the long run, help it to disappear completely. I have been back to this book many times in an attempt to deepen this practice and to really get a hold of the feeling of reversing my eyes 98% inward and turning my hearing 100% outward by listening for the silent breath.

Recently I went back to The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception for the first time since deepening the practices from Whisperings of the Dragon and had two potent experiences arise in the past two days.

The first was in a session with a client in which I was shown an image of a series of faceless beings sitting around a dining table with the client upon it as if his being was a feast they were consuming. This was not a frightening vision, it was an impersonal knowing that his energy was being consumed by something that was not him. A few minutes later I saw, with my eyes opened, what seemed to be a benevolent grey ET being very lightly materialize in the room. This was so brief and subtle it could have easily been missed if I had been talking to myself or trying to control the situation. I admittedly had to allow both of these seeing events go immediately and continue since grasping at them and analyzing them in the moment felt inappropriate. Gentle review later on provided some clarity on what I saw and yet I’m still not sure what exactly transpired.

The second experience the following day was the realization of a childhood imprint that has been very heavy. In essence I recalled an internal moment as a child in which I made a choice to play a role in my family which required me to act as a more mature teacher/diplomat/authority than was healthy or appropriate for my age at that time. This was my response to my family’s dysfunctional nature and in essence I was putting aside my innocence in an attempt to calm family turmoil. What it feels like is a choice to suppress the innocent, student aspect of myself so that my capacity to be in a state of openness and wonder, to stay open to the new and to that which escapes me was muted. As far as I can tell I’m recalling an internal moment in which my inner child was cloaked by the pressure of the circumstances at hand. Since then I have been in a loop reinforcing this imbalanced sense of myself.

What has arisen from this imprint is that new experiences and realizations are constantly warped by my distorted perception of myself as a teacher/guide. Specifically, anytime a spiritually beneficial experience arose I would very quickly be drawn into an internal dialogue about teaching it to others. My innocence never had a chance to hold these beautiful gifts lightly and allow them to saturate my being. Being a true student of life by being in a humble, silent state of wonder has been so inaccessible for me all this time and is only now beginning to peek through. I’m relieved and very much look forward to supporting my inner child in coming forward so that I can move away from the configuration in the Hieroglyph of Haunted Awareness towards the Inner Light and Completion configurations.

Ironically this false concept of myself as a teacher/guide/spiritual authority, which I adopted as a child, has been detrimental to my offerings as a teacher and guide in my community. Dropping this will undoubtedly allow my innocence to play its proper role in my capacity to serve my community in this way. I have to laugh at myself as I feel it nagging a little even during the creation of this testimonial! It will be gone soon!

I have some questions to pose to perhaps gain some insight at this point in my journey.

Do you have any extrapolations to offer what I saw in session with my client? Is there any way I can better use such experiences to be of service to the individuals I’m working with or privately for my own progress?

I remember the moment of choosing to suppress my inner child as a clear moment of free will. Is this truly the case in terms of our inner child being cloaked by the shadow’s dream? Is it always a coerced misapplication of our own free will?

In The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception you describe being shown a means of going into the past to disrupt the emotional charge of imprinted moments like this. Is this a circumstance in which I should somehow connect with my childhood self in the past and show him a better way to respond to the circumstances of my family’s dysfunction? And following that would I want to dissolve the entire scene into empty awareness? If so, any advice on this process? If not, how else could I proceed with this new awareness of a childhood imprint?

Thank you from the depths of my heart Lujan! I hope to have more good news to share in the future as I continue my work to become clear-hearted and hope to one day come learn some of your movements.

Much love,


Don’t be concerned about what you see. It is better that you acknowledge it visually, be contained within the essence of your own vibration at that particular point. Turn the feeling that is the point of reception into kindness and understanding that contains within it a thunderbolt.

At this particular point in our evolution we can be maneuvered via our circumstances but as long as we don’t practice the moods we are misled to pursue, then we will find ourselves once again in that memory, as simply and easily as looking up to realize the different shapes of the leaves upon a tree.

So in other words, see everything as part and parcel of life. You are no more important than anything else. Yet we all must survive. When you come to terms with this contradiction, you will understand what I am saying.

Even though the illustration within The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception was dramatic within its context, you must realize that your past presently avails itself to you at every moment that escapes you. You cannot decide to go back, yet we find ourselves where we are meant to be at the most appropriate moment that indicate there is something there to be perceived.

This is what you must realize, and to understand that you can’t wait patiently for it to arrive. You must wait without any expectation.

Nothing can possess you unless you give it permission to do so. The silence that emanates from the mind, echoes the knowledge that exists within the heart. As words that acknowledge the depth of their origin that can only be heard if one stops listening to themselves, thinking in their own minds.

Also our eyes, as a world community, have started to change. We are now beginning to perceive beyond the gray spectrum that we are so limited as not to perceive anything beyond that restrictive confine. But nevertheless we are progressing and as we travel through this empty expanse, many are beginning to perceive beyond the light that causes our illusions.

We are now beginning to see – as you have experienced – gray aliens commingling with us and this will always be experienced as a shadow, that if one did not notice they would forget they saw the event at all.

Simon, Have you read the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception?

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