Online Spiritual Guidance with Lujan Matus

Techniques, counseling and guidance for personal evolution.

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Sacred Sound Frequencies for the Practice of Lo Ban Pai

Includes resonances based on the sound of Om, tuned to a…

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Moon Gazing Meditation

Establish three areas of perception that solidify attention…

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Opening My Heart To It’s Inherent Knowing

Shattering illusions and becoming empowered in all my daily…

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Learning The Three Treasures with Lujan Matus

I hope to continue learning the art of Lo Ban Pai.

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“Who Am I?”: An In-Depth Guide To Empathic Communion” – eBook Now Available

The latest book from Lujan Matus has now been released in…

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Who Am I?

New book from Lujan Matus coming soon.

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Recommended Music for Practitioners of Lo Ban Pai

Music that emanates a healing frequency.

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