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Excerpt from Who Am I?: An In-Depth Guide to Empathic Communion by Lujan Matus.

Many names have been ascribed to the light that gives substance to its own reflection via our awareness. We are fortunate as beings to behold the magnificence of such beauty as unfolds before our eyes. Yet it is this transfixed view that we have within a conflux of vibrations that hypnotizes us extensively.

Our belief systems contain us so neatly within the act of cognitive mirroring that we are subtly coaxed away from what is meant to be deeply recognized. The attunement of reality commissions our attention to attend to it meticulously, nesting us in a dualistic mechanism of separation toward the unknown.

The essence of void consciousness cannot be located via our prejudice, for as we covet the light through the bias of our perception we lose contact with the true source of our spirituality. This is the major issue that we are contending with and the most jealously guarded secret that does not want to be discovered.

The engineered consciousness we have arrived upon via the states of awareness that we are confronted with within this three-dimensional illusion seems so substantially concrete within the exquisite complexity delivered. Our unwavering devotion to this continuous interaction creates a gravitational eddy that can be difficult to escape.

We are simultaneously subject, at this present time more than ever, to external influences that understand the applications of resonance focused upon our bioelectromagnetic field. This invisible interaction is only possible because we are all empathically inclined.

Our internal process of fractal osmosis automatically accommodates the entrance of light into the toroidal field of our DNA matrix, which switches genes on and off in response to frequential infiltration.

In most cases we have difficulty identifying the source point of these alterations for their application is automatically cloaked, beyond sensorial recognition by our ears and eyes. Yet, nevertheless, we are adjusted incrementally via the fact that our body naturally recalibrates itself to unseen and inaudible frequencies, with profound effects that we are only peripherally aware of.

Affecting us on many different layers of consciousness, this inevitably instigates an emotional response. Since we have been trained to thoroughly identify with our internal experience we won’t, under many circumstances, look for an alternate origin to dysfunctional feelings that arise and possess us from within.

This leads to a mass weaponization of human awareness toward the simplicity of normal, day-to-day life, converting the beauty of our reality into a highly volatile dualism. Thus we find ourselves dealing with the pettiness of our circumstances instead of the essential complexities of what is happening beyond the microcosm of our confined view.

As a result, we lose our ability to see the holistic, macrocosmic effects surrounding us politically, socially and personally. We have been generationally coaxed to be ignorant of the fact that we are more powerful than what we really expect, and deeply conditioned not to truly believe in our own internal sovereignty.

A gradual erosion of one’s internal ethics, for example through being politically correct because it is popular, is a training tool to distance us from our capacity to stand firm within our empathetic integrity. In other words, our ability to know what is really occurring and act accordingly.

What is manifesting before us always reveals only a fraction of this reality, and inherently reflects the hopes and dreams that surround this illusion. It is how we interpret the light within this hallucinatory state that will allow us to advance toward more refined frequencies to discover the intrinsic resonant fields that lie beyond the boundaries of what presents itself to us.

The real essence of creation in all its forms is by its very nature unknowable. Within this book, however, I will reveal how to establish contact with this mystery. As Yeshua once said, “Split the wood and lift the stone, you will find me there.” It is within this place of no name that we discover the true essence of our self.

The book you are about to enter is complex within its simplicity and yet very easy to understand. But remember, the path of enlightenment is only a foot wide and a thousand miles deep, and as you personally travel towards your earnest realizations, your sincerity will reveal the magnitude of your responsibility as a human being.

I now welcome you into the most intimate journey that I have ever revealed of my life. As you discover me, it is my wish that you discover yourself simultaneously from your own empathic perspective.