Video Description

This is a powerful movement set that enhances every aspect of Lo Ban Pai.

Though introduced by Lujan to the public only recently, Opening the Tao and the Gravity Series are the mother forms, where all possibilities are birthed.

These sequences give novices the immediate experience of the inherent power within their electromagnetic potential, which becomes available as voluminous magnetism felt within the hands and periphery of the body.

Specific effects on the human bio-electromagnetic field become apparent through its orbits, which charge the DNA and initiate an irreversible catalyst toward transdimensional consciousness.

The movements of Opening the Tao, in combination with special breathing techniques, generate an intense magnetism that surrounds the body, while the orbits following each set enable gathering and sealing that electromagnetic energy within one’s central matrix, thus charging the toroidal field.

Practicing this powerful sequence will solicit an immediate response from your core and you will begin to realize there are vortices of energy surrounding your physical form that are being nourished and circulated by every gesture. The implications of this particular phenomenon, though initially most evident in terms of developing one’s body consciousness, extend far beyond the material plane.