Video Description

The Gravity Series is a very beautiful, simple system of elegant movements that aligns the practitioner with the six directions, introduces the harmonies and establishes the foundation for the luminous cocoon as an energy bubble to be tangibly realized.

It is an indoor practice deeply grounded within the innermost structure of Lo Ban Pai that activates the capacity for the practitioner to connect with the inner workings of the fascia via internal alignments that are applied within every other form.

Though Gravity contains advanced teachings, it is essential that it be implemented at the very beginning since it establishes crucial principles for all following programs.

Though a standalone practice within itself, the principles of Gravity fortify every other form. Through applying what is learned in this primary series your gestures will become infused with tangible vitality, which directly allows one to realize the importance of this finely tuned connection to our electric and magnetic potential, both in Lo Ban Pai and in life.