Video Description

Awakening the Energy Body is one of four initiation practices towards establishing the magnetic, directional capacities of the practitioner.

This program teaches dynamic exercises that open the meridians, encouraging energy to stream through them. It includes the movements of Thunder Dance, Palm Activation training and the rarely taught Fire Turtles chi gong sequence.

This form opens up the central channel, from the mid-spine to the sacrum, and lengthens from the middle of the scapula to the base of the skull and activates synovial fluids between the joints. It strengthens the muscles and tendons and creates a quiet, sustainable fortitude.

In this sequence, the initiate acquires various methods to clear physical and energetic blockages in order to cultivate optimal flow of chi, which inevitably nurtures the vascular, limbic and parasympathetic systems. This also form greatly increases stamina and willpower, enabling the practitioner to harness their unbending intent in order to facilitate transformation.