Video Description

The Windlock System is a physical regimen that stimulates energy flow whilst awakening the chakras and internal organs.

This program provides the essential elements often neglected or concealed in most energy cultivation disciplines and expands upon dragon coiling techniques introduced in Opening the Tao. It is  an invigorating practice that balances energy channels and reshapes the body.

The Windlock System includes dynamic movements, which are performed in static postures while specific breathing is applied. This form is the most magnetic and electric of the initiation forms, and develops the qualities of fortitude and directness while raising one’s optimism. At a fundamental level the WIndlock system elevates the practitioner’s body consciousness as their primary vehicle for transformation.

Windlock is the empath’s guide to power and enables the practitioner to embody the essence of the Taoist way. Through practicing these movements, you will expereience joy and happiness by virtue of becoming more youthful. The contained energetic framework that is cultivated through performing the movements of this system will also support your internal resilience via the magnetism obtained through persistent practice.