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I came across The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception about a year ago. Traversing the book was unlike any reading experience I can recall ever having. It was as if my brain was being re-programmed neuron by neuron with an intermittent transcription alternating between augmenting my conscious and subconscious mind. In addition to the thought-provoking stimulation of the material, a secondary and simultaneous soothing enveloped me as if I was finally returning home.

I have since read all of Lujan’s books, most of them several times. Each interaction I have with the books bring a new revelation. Insight washes over me from passages that I could swear I am being exposed to for the first time. In others I may have struggled to comprehend in the first or second reading are suddenly made available to me upon revisitation with complete and crystal clarity.

Something has been roused that is coalescing aspects of my being from every period of my life. The compartmentalization membrane of my total experience is dissolving and a new perception of my reality is emerging.

When I discovered that Lujan was offering classes I immediately signed up.

My first talk with Lujan visited the material from Who Am I? of finding mantras in everyday acts of devotion; being of service to those around you; giving of yourself exactly what is appropriate of any situation. No more and no less. We discussed dharma and adharma. Arriving upon the room within that has no windows and no doors and the perceptual shift that is required to gain access and what it really represents. This immediately unlocked a correlation and insight into my life.

When my wife is upset to the point of tears, because of an injustice she’s read about in the news, or a movie that’s moved her, or even an experience that has triggered some insecurity within her, I sometimes laugh.

I am not laughing because I am cruel or think it’s funny when she is upset, or even as a nervous tick brought on by an inability to cope with her tears. I laugh because in those moments I see her complete and unobstructed essence. I see her naked and without walls of any kind and I am moved because I feel lucky that it is with me that she has chosen to share such intimacy. In these moments I have complete and total access to the deepest corners of her being and she to mine. My laughter is an expression of the joy that comes from true empathic communion of the heart.

In these moments, an act of devotion erupts from my heart and hers in the tethering alchemy of our entwined energies.

Lujan communicates in much the same way. His ability to recognize the most harmonically relevant resonance projecting from the object of his attention coupled with his energetic posture drives each conversation to hit on all the things that you ‘need’ to hear and he’s still polite enough to entertain some of what you ‘want’ to hear.

He has an openness to those he encounters usually reserved for family and close friends. Being exposed to Lujan in this way is both transformative and all that is required to create a reference point upon one’s own being. It is this spirit of interaction that can be applied to encounters with strangers, to the work that we do, or even to the most mundane of errands that represent a true act of devotion. This is what it means to be present. It is this presence within experience that is at the core of what and who we are.

We are living a holographically and recursive fractal reality unfolding upon itself ad infinitum – which is a mouthful and a complex concept to digest – but the full expression and significance of the ‘Act of Devotion’ and the energetic potential that is released through its manifestation is what allows this truth to be experienced. When you give of yourself and/or receive of others a true and heartfelt empathic exchange, upon the fulcrum of doing and non-doing, infinity is unlocked in a moment, for an infinitesimally fractalized moment.

In this first conversation, insights were triggered upon the nature of communications between myself and my wife. I was also simultaneously transported to interactions representative of socially engineered settings and the energetic differences between them. The juxtaposition of these experiences enabled me to fully acknowledge and trust my own empathic intuition and bring it from the periphery of my perception to the front and center. I can practice acts of devotion in everything that I do and know that the inherent potential of empathic exchange releases a supplication of the soul in each doing (or non-doing when appropriate) and that is what it’s all about, regardless of whether dharma or adharma are the presenting mala. This frees up power and also allows others an opportunity for accessing their own.

So basically, thirty minutes into my first dialogue with Lujan we solved the ultimate question of the human condition and uncovered the esoteric link within the quantum mechanical physiology of the universe at large in the most pragmatic and natural of ways. No biggie.

This represents just one part of one conversation that I had with Lujan. To unpack the full scope of my experience of the Online Spiritual Guidance would take a book. Many aspects of my time with Lujan are still unfolding and I imagine will continue to do so for quite some time.

Lujan, your gestures, words, and your example are truly a #blessing. I am excited to continue upon the journey of Lo Ban Pai and can’t thank you enough for your insight and your heartfelt communion.

David B.

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