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Excerpt from the Online Spiritual Guidance Group Classes

It’s important to be unnoticed. When I have somebody come to my office with what I’m going to teach today – in terms of alerting the room to advance upon you and to retract from you – this is really important. Because the moment you make noise, the moment you externalize, then this phenomenon will become less.

So it’s very important to go inside very, very quietly and to notice that if you’re externalized with any noise, then you won’t notice the subtleties of what’s moving inside of you, because that’s a very, very gross phenomenon.

When my students are doing in front of me the movements or anything I say hide from me. Make sure I can’t see it.

But I can spot what they’re doing. I can see the movements within their body. But they’ve got to even hide it from themselves. So you hide from your own process in terms of becoming invisible to yourself now.

If you try and become invisible to yourself, you become more invisible to other people and it’s not hiding it’s basically just becoming more and more subtle.

The more gross your activity is in terms of showing you where is your mind caught within yourself showing you. This is like talking to somebody about what you want to brag about to them, and this causes a line of tension in terms of the karmic response in terms of what you expect. What the other person expects.

So this line of perceptual reasoning has got to do with some downfall in the emotional basis, which is still alive and still active.

So if there’s an emotional basis there then it’s got to be switched to feeling because in The Power of Emptiness you know that I call the mind the Thief and the emotional process the Ghost.

This interactivity, in terms of Taoism I’ve reduced everything down to two elements because you don’t need to know about hungry ghosts or anything like this. All this stuff they developed as a philosophy, which becomes kind of like a religion.

So, once you realize, there are only two elements, you need to discover and behind those two elements, there’s a central line of nothing to come upon you.

But you can’t come upon nothing if something’s distracting you. So if you cause that distraction …

If you look at the inner world like a doorway; if your body wants to invite you into an indoor virtual reality in terms of your own self-progression, you won’t be able to open a new door if you keep creaking the outward door.

The outward door creaks and puts your alertness to the outward door, and if the outward door slams you may have conflict in your life.

From the perspective of Feng Shui, you never face another door as if you’ve got a sound. A sound is like two doors facing each other. They cause a tension line and I don’t know whether everybody knows, if you have doors facing each other you’re ultimately going to be confronted by conflict because two doors facing each other causes conflict.

So, then the conflict happens inside of you. So you see the perception as doorways or a door that’s facing you but the door can creak and gossip about you, the door can slam because of violence and everything like this.

So, as far as the Feng Shui perspective, you got to reverse engineer this and put it inside of your own perception.

Because whatever you create is like another person being there and then you acknowledge that and that subtle framework is giving you something to focus on like a creaky door.

And as you go to the creaky door you miss walking through another doorway because it always pulls you back to its creak. Everybody knows when someone comes through a creaky door everyone goes, “oh someone’s coming”.

It’s the same with your perception.

You’re doing the same thing, but you don’t have an external person creating this for you so you create it for yourself. So the squeaky door is your framework of noise.

As soon as you disappear from the noise, or the creek disappears, you never hear that door opening and closing.

So you oil it, and then when it moves your attention doesn’t go to it as people go in and out of it, or you go in and out of your own perception.

You’ve got to make sure, whatever creates noise or resistance, then you oil that by slowly retracting from and disappearing from it until it disappears from your view.

The moment you have that viewpoint affixed to your consciousness, then you’ve got a play of two elements and it’s very hard to escape that until you disappear from yourself.

Disappearing from yourself is basically looking inwardly, listening inwardly, breathing inwardly, quietly, and following all these to your central line.

Because the central line is composed of emptiness. The left and right-hand line is your Yin process or the softness that surrounds this central axis. And then your hands are Yang. And you’ve got eight compartments in your upper chest in terms of binding your flesh.

You bind your flesh from your spine and all your connective tissues once they begin to become activated. Your connective tissues are your fascia.

The only way it can be aware of your fascia here is to stop being aware of your muscle, so this is like a creaking door. If you pick something up it’s called Li and loosely translated, it means stupid force. So Li is stupid force.

But everybody considers this very, very smart to be muscular, to be strong. It’s the wrong tension.

So you let go of your muscle. You open up your fascial tension, and then your energy body flows properly.

When you look at this; if you concentrate on something that you need to let go of, then how can you progress to the fascia if you’re engaged in the muscle? This is the same as breathing.

All you’ve got to do is reverse engineer everything and find out what’s pulling you to a location and has that location become your own obsession?

Is it an internal process, which you are following in?

Or is it an external process that stops you from going within?

So you’ve just got to ask yourself these particular questions. That’s it.

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