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Testimonial: Lo Ban Pai with Lujan Matus

I’ve been developing my Vajrayana practice for a couple of decades and recently began a Tibetan tantric branch which leads to Dzogchen. It’s a way well suited to oral teaching.

There’s something about Lujan’s teaching that allows me to experience a few landmarks of my practice, for example, my ‘initiatory experience’ of Rigpa.

Of course, he does not teach Buddhism, but is of such a refined energy he apparently (to me, at least) has a natural power, radiating somehow the ‘lung’ (oral transmission) that traditionally comes from a Lama.


We are currently accepting registrations for private Online Spiritual Guidance with Lujan Matus. We offer a discount for students who undertake a series of three sessions. Please register via the link below.

There is also the option for small group training with Lujan Matus in Lo Ban Pai in Sedona, Arizona as well as online. These courses are for five days each and involve a maximum of four students to allow for individualized tuition. Upcoming availability is as follows:

July 18th-22nd – The Gravity Series

August 8th-12th – The Gravity Series (ONLINE)

August 22nd-26th – Opening the Tao (ONLINE)

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