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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

Thank you for today’s session, Lujan!

I write to you, encouraged by you mentioning that you would love to get emails from the participants. I also acknowledge that sharing is truly powerful and changes people for good.

When the session finished, I had this feeling inside of me:

Speaking truth

strokes our hearts

and opens space

for love and understanding.

I was impressed with your way of speaking truth as a reflection of the person who asks you a question or simply speaks to you. You were really thorough with all of us.

You even mentioned that your last book was written in this way – thanks to your connectedness to and communication with some of your students. Otherwise, the book would not have existed.

I know that we need such support to grow; and that openness, undivided attention, trust, and love are indispensable for true communication between people to occur. I understand how you support us in bringing this back in our lives – from being abandoned back to being connected and true.

I think we have let ourselves astray because we place big importance on “things” in our lives and  “hard knowledge” in relation to these things.

This is what keeps me so busy – how to do the things I do. How to take care for my food. To know what is good for me to eat. How to tender to the trees in my garden. What to do with the aphids on the cherry tree. How to repair stuff at home How to satisfy my customers’ needs, etc., etc. I mean technical knowledge.

It took me years to find solutions to some of these problems. For some, I still do not know what to do.

We place priority on it and leave the truths of our interaction with people somewhere in the back of our attention. Maybe in the old tribal traditions, all these “living skills” were transmitted through interaction (based on trust and love), which is broken today in our families where children are sent to schools to study those, but their school program is full of non-practical stuff.

I admit when I started reading your instruction on pruning the buds of trees for them to grow strong, I pondered if I should do the same with the youngest saplings in my garden. My normal awareness considers skills of life as a priority because how can you take care of others if you are not able to live by yourself (be self-sufficient, knowledgeable, and experienced with “things”).

I think exactly this makes the practice of not-doing unappealing to normal awareness – when it is not understood that it is about learned routines on an energetic level and they have precedence. Lack of such understanding will make “the youth often wasted within the young”, as you put it in your book.

This is all the more poignant as both practical and “spiritual” knowledge is watered down through thousands of published pages and often opposing opinions. Confusion would make one search experts for certainty or assuredness or could prompt one to turn back to the source – their heart and intuitive self.

There is expectation woven in the former process, and I admit I had expectations thrown at you in the beginning. I thought how powerful and knowledgeable you are, so I expected things to happen.

I understand you now much better, thanks to your books and your interviews, and the sessions you hold with students. I also understand myself much better.

Thank you again for answering my question fully on how to keep on advancing on the path with heart.

Never to give up no matter what, and thus change the elements that seem unchangeable. It has been a long way, and my heart beats stronger every time I go further.

Love and respect,

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