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Testimonial – The Gravity Series

The Gravity Series is an incredible program for understanding the space in which we move through.

I’ve never quite experienced something like Lo Ban Pai before. The closest I can compare it to is calm epiphanies. The series is challenging every time, which is another opportunity to grow. The series has paradoxes that click experientially; the air around oneself becomes denser and the ground becomes more pliable.

This was my first in-person class with Lujan. I’m glad I went. Outside of the movements themselves, there were many nuggets of wisdom during the week. The wisdom arises from the unique mix of participants that attend, resulting in intimate truths that are strongly applicable to one’s life. The lessons have been applicable many times since then as if it was spoken to me in a new moment.

Gravity Series removes resistances from one’s body. In the past, I felt that I worked constantly with a poor harvest. Things are finally moving along and I couldn’t be happier. A thick layer of frustration and grief has disappeared from my life. I feel more hopeful and confident as I step forward. There are further benefits too that are hard to word.

Attending Gravity Series put my life back on track. I hope that others who are looking for this will take the leap to try tuition with Lujan.


We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Lo Ban Pai Gravity Series program commencing on April 30th, 2022.

Please register via the link below: