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Testimonial - The Gravity Series

I have been at a loss summarizing all that my time in class with Lujan was for me in September. I realized I needed time to metabolize what Lujan was pointing to, that I needed to become aware of about myself.  I had to drop below the trauma mode my body has been habitually stuck in over my entire life in order to take in what Lujan was offering.

Lots has been shifting around in my life. It feels like a time of exponential growth. Practicing the Gravity Series seems to connect me to my body essence. I know that by practicing in earnest, things will continue to be revealed, which I’m ready to understand.

Practicing, I experience the immaturity of my emotional development. My springy body wants the movements Lujan has taught me. My body is understanding something through the movements that my mind isn’t able to capture or track.

Time with Lujan has left me forever altered, and it’s only the beginning. It will be a lifelong practice of attention and reverse engineering.

I have immeasurable respect and gratitude for what Lujan brought to my attention during my time in Arizona. It will be life-saving. It’s already shifting how I engage with life.

I hope to one day do Opening the Tao online to continue fortifying what I learned. For now, I am only able to focus on Gravity after having done it online as well. My brain needs the significant repetition at this time. Until then…

Thank you, Lujan. I love you.



The next Online Gravity Series Program is ideal as an introduction to Lujan’s teachings and for those who are unable to attend private tuition or group workshops in person.

We are presenting this program on Saturdays at 10am Arizona time to make these sessions more accessible to European students.

These classes will allow new students to experience Lujan’s teachings on a more intimate level. They are also an excellent opportunity for current students to gain a deeper understanding and fine-tune their practice. 

The sessions take place via Zoom video conferencing. If you would like to be involved in the next online group Gravity Series program please register via the link at the bottom of this page.

While the group course provides some opportunity to ask individual questions, private tuition is also available for those of you who prefer a more personalized approach.

All of the Lo Ban Pai programs are also now available online in a small group format, which allows students to undertake the classes according to their schedule.  Please contact us for more information.

We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Lo Ban Pai Gravity Series program commencing on April 30th, 2022.

Please register via the link below: