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Excerpted from Online Spiritual Guidance Classes with Lujan Matus

Let’s look at Being, Knowing, and Not-Doing.

So being, knowing and then watching the person – don’t judge them – and then you withdraw back inside of yourself instead of attaching to that person as a judgment. That’s attention.

So it’s not doing. So the incremental effect of that reverses back inside of yourself because you don’t want to follow the lead of this hard focus that has the prospect of locking that person – imprisoning them – with your ideas, your feelings.

But you withdraw. So then you withdraw back inside of yourself. You still know the person is the same person you saw, but you’re different. That’s attention.

Intention is to lock in and fully shame and blame those people inside your mind and your heart. That’s attention.

So the inward journey backward inside of yourself, knowing you know what you see, but be devoid of your understanding of what you know, even though you know it. So disregard this, even though you fully acknowledge it.

So be gentle and appear to be a fool but don’t be a fool. This is reverse engineering attention.

Realize what you realize but don’t fully manifest that realization. Don’t imprison that person and conversely don’t imprison yourself. It’s better you withdraw, and that person thinks or has the imagination that you’re not onto them, but you’re totally onto them.

So you appear to be a fool. And that reveals the person more and more and more, so the inward journey then drags in the machinations of the reality of that person and what they really want to do to you with THEIR intention.

And then you start navigating your rightful position as a heartfelt human being.

You don’t have any form of pretense. You just acknowledge the beat. I’m talking about the mental locked process of defined cerebral knowledge, which hasn’t really transcended to the heart. 

The beat of the heart is quite different because it realizes things in quite an extraordinary manner. Because as you traverse the heart you don’t realize what you are realizing until you realize it. And virtually that comes through other people saying “how did you know that?”

So then there’s a cooperative effect between human beings in terms of this beating. The first time you begin to realize the beating of your own drum, it’s only because you’ve drawn upon the sound wave of somebody else to beat and when you speak it depends on the honesty of that person to reveal that you are actually speaking from their perspective. 

So this is difficult to understand. So that’s attention. 

Intention blocks this. Because the process of awakening normally has to do with the framework of interaction with other people in terms of the heart process. Because the toroidal field of the heart is obviously looking for connection.

And we don’t find that connection because there may be withholding from somebody. This leaves us abandoned. We don’t want to be abandoned. 

That’s my whole purpose. To say, everybody’s abandoned. Please get back on your heart path and start connecting with the reality of the mystery of you knowing what is going on inside of everybody else and speaking on their behalf. 

Loving them from your behalf, yet you’re a vessel for their purpose and what they need to realize through you, and vice versa because their honesty awakens you to where you really are.

Because you don’t know where you are until you discover how to absorb somebody else. It’s totally opposite to how we function as human beings and I’ve written about this in Who Am I?


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