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Lujan Matus is offering a new group online program with two weekly sessions on April 16th and 23rd.

The next Online Group Spiritual Guidance Program is ideal as an introduction to Lujan’s teachings and for those who are unable to attend private tuition or group workshops in person.

We are presenting another shorter program to make these sessions more accessible to a broader range of students and to enable those who are unable to travel to interact with Lujan directly.

These classes will allow new students to experience Lujan’s teachings on a more intimate level. They are also an excellent opportunity for current students to explore questions related to their spiritual endeavors and individual challenges.

We encourage all participants to read The Power of Emptiness and ask questions related to the material in this book. Students who enroll in this course will receive a complimentary copy of the book in PDF format.

The sessions take place via Zoom video conferencing. If you would like to be involved in the group Online Spiritual Guidance program in April 2022,  please register via the link at the bottom of this page. Places are limited so we recommend reserving your position as early as possible.

While the group course provides some opportunity to ask individual questions, private tuition is also available for those of you who prefer a more personalized approach.

All of the Lo Ban Pai programs are also now available online in a small group format, which allows students to undertake the classes according to their schedule.  Please contact us for more information.

Lujan looks forward to meeting you all.

The cost of this program is $125 and will involve two sessions of approximately 2 hours. Classes will take place on Saturday, April 16th, and Saturday, April 23rd at 2 pm, Arizona, Mountain Standard Time.

SPECIAL EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT PRICE – $95 if you complete your registration before April 1st.

The final date for registration is April 15th, 2022.


Student Testimonials

I recommend the online program for everyone from beginners to those who have taken Lo Ban Pai courses.  I believe that it would work best for those who have already read the books.  That said, Lujan is not teaching from the books.  He is going beyond them.

Yes, even given the time constraints, he does help those with an acute problem.  We are all one, and we can learn a lot from other people’s questions and situations.  I did feel that what others were going through spoke to me.  And there was a great variety of questions and concerns.  Lujan teaches each person at his or her own level, revealing to us his compassionate devotion.  Awareness and relevance were present.



The wisdom you have presented has shown me to be humble in my heart, to not allow the thinking center to dictate my relations. In not doing others, and not doing my self, I am also able to commune with the land and plants in a greater capacity. I am able to connect to them as I connect with the long channels of my own body.

I personally found how quickly and even skillfully my mind has developed tendencies to interject its desires, wants, and preoccupations upon the sincere intuition of the heart. As I learn to see this as “doing and knowing myself” I come to simply Be. It is truly a prayerful life!



I looked forward to every single session. Time flew past so quickly, as I hung on to every word in the online spiritual program. Many times, Lujan’s insights in their simplicity and truth, would stun me and render me speechless.
Moments of wisdom would be available to me, landing right in my heart, filling me with a profound understanding that seemed limitless in nature.

The meditations have taken me places within that I have not felt before— like I had found a centerpoint of home… realizing there is a vast universe within waiting for me to explore and access.

Attempting to explain all the experiences that I have received in the online group program, my words fall short. Lujan’s incredible perceptive depth and capacities are unprecedented and beyond the ordinary.

His generosity of spirit and great depth as a teacher is illuminated in his dedication and fierce love for his students.



I wept through much of both Zoom sessions. Your eloquent gestures rained down and many questions were answered without the need to voice them. I sit in awe of this silence, these eruptions of light, and I feel whole and nurtured. It seems that merely attending a conference call with you has an energizing effect, similar to what I experience through your written works, though even more pronounced and immediate. So many subtleties unfold into joy each time my awareness is caressed by this formlessness.


I feel Lujan’s guidance saved me from lifetimes of searching and jumping from one spiritual practice to another…

Once I have dived in with him, to the center of my being, to what feels like a gravitational point in the center of my heart, that glimpse became my journey…

What Lujan guided me to see Is so beautiful, so tender…so deeply humble…

If there is a sacred longing in the heart to realize God and a deep desire to surrender all that you are…. follow Lujan with a heart wide open….


We are now accepting registrations for the group Online Spiritual Guidance program commencing on April 16th, 2022.

Please register via the link below: