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Testimonial - Gravity Series Online Program

More often in the evening, I am thinking of how much my life has changed since I met Lujan Matus. It was one year ago and since then all I wanted to be in my life, now I witness is happening.

All this without any effort or self-imposed applications. It is all coming continuously and I am able to see and beginning to live as I wanted to live, without knowing what I wanted. It is just now I know that this is what I want.

I am thinking that just seeing him in October last year and buying his books brought enough gravity to make a major change in my way of living. I started then not to eat meat and animal products anymore, and this happened without any previous planning or struggle. During this year my food was continuously cleansed, and my attention to what I take in as food is on and clear.

The green smoothies I am preparing every morning are the most wonderful and powerful breakfast ever. My skin, my hair are healthy and bright. My family and friends are telling me that my eyes have sparkles and exude life and joy.

A lot of beauty procedures, cosmetics, perfumes, I am not using anymore. I learned to prepare for myself the nourishment for my skin, and also for my children.

Another big realization I had was the immense waste of energy with preoccupations like social media, news, music, or cinema. All this I was able to see and to eliminate by sensing that my energy, following my attention, is leaking out of my being, and my life is mutually wasted.

All of this I read in Lujan’s books, yes, but the realization is only now appearing inside me. I am continuously wondering when coupling the realization in my heart with the readings I had before. I find all of this absolutely incredible.

When I started to apply the teachings to find and feel my dantien I thought that it is something hard and impossible. I am not flexible at all. Even though I am physically the skinny type, my joints didn’t allow me to stay in a cross-legged position for more than five minutes. Relaxing my belly and lower breath necessitated a constant effort and a continuous adjustment of the body.

In a short time, my practice became easy and my body feels more and more pleasure practicing and applying the teaching of my master. I was very happy when first I felt a heart beating in my lower dantien. The feeling was similar as being pregnant. Since then I enjoy very much this feeling.

I remember how amassed I was that I feel my hands. to be precise, I felt that I HAVE hands and they are precious. My ears awake and hear incredible sounds. All the summer I enjoyed the birds singing in my garden and my eyes wonder the multitude colors of autumn now. All were always available but I wasn’t able to see.

Practicing the Gravity Series, new sensations and perceptions appeared. During my movements, the air which embraces my being is felt fully and aware as my hands move through it and my body receives something from outside and melts with that which embraced it.

My acuity increase in perception of colors and dimension of the furniture in the room becomes not so solid as I perceive usually. These are new sensations in my body and they are as Lujan described during the lessons.

All these are my joy and become my beauty which my being attracts inside because of practicing the teaching of my master.

I will harmonize my body with inward mudras Lujan taught me and feed myself with the Gravity Series movements, in delicious waiting of seeing and learning more…

It is a new life, another life, and Lujan Matus gave me this second birth.
I give you all my love!


We are now accepting registrations for the Three Tibetans Online Group Program.

The cost of this program is $795 and will involve four sessions of two to three hours. Classes will take place on Saturday, March 19th, Saturday, March 26th, Saturday, April 2nd, and Saturday, April 9th  at 2 pm, Mountain Standard Time.

The final date for registration is March 17th, 2022.

Click the link below to register for the large group online Three Tibetans program.

This program is also being offered in a small group format from May 16th-20th,  with a maximum of six students to allow for individualized tuition. This course takes place on weekday afternoons for five consecutive days and the cost is $1595.

Please contact us if you would like more details on availability and how to register for the small group classes.