The next small group online Three Tibetans program starts on May 16th.

The Three Tibetans are a powerful series of movements that initiate the opening of internal channels within the physical form, which alleviates physical and emotional disharmony.

The movements produce a high level of rising and sinking forces within the body and create spiral vortexes emanating from the root chakra through the central channel to the crown. 

Lujan says:

What I have noticed over the years practicing this in combination with my long-term students, joy will then manifest in the belly, which will emanate to the bones.

This is by virtue of the fact that the crown chakra and the two chakras above this, in time become active or switched on. 

Clarity of mind, open-heartedness, and a soft, silky feeling of comfort will be felt within the body.

Within these movements are kinetic line differentials, which are outside the body yet contained within the luminous bubble.

The Three Tibetans program also includes some advanced binding roots practices, which help open and close the compartments within the physicality.

Additionally, this unique program will also include White Crane moon-stepping. This practice will enable the sinking force of the belly to connect with the lower pillars of the hips. 

Heightened states of intelligence are another outcome of a kinetically entrained mind.

Beginners will very easily manage this five-day program. It will also greatly enhance the practice of Lo Ban Pai for those who seek advanced techniques. At first, students learn by performing these movements extremely slowly. But also for advanced training, they can be done repetitiously, while focusing on speed. 

We are offering this program in small-group training with a maximum of six students for individualized tuition.

This program will take place online from 12 noon to 3 pm on Monday, May 16th-Friday May 20th (Arizona MST time).

Click the link below to register for the small group online Three Tibetans program.

We are now accepting registrations for the small group Three Tibetans program commencing on March 16th, 2022.

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