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The catalytic transmission Lujan received from Master Lo Ban, which manifested during a pivotal moment of his childhood at the age of seven, was subsequently revealed to have spanned many years of his current lifetime and, concurrently, several other alternate timelines. The intricacies of this time-bending initiation have been well documented in his first book, The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, where a treasure-trove of key principles are introduced via this event and other defining encounters. In each edition that follows new elements are revealed, illuminating an odyssey that stretches one’s perceptual bandwidth to encompass a non-linear paradigm.

By engaging in the discipline of Lo Ban Pai we begin to amalgamate past and future continuums within present consciousness. Since we don’t live long enough to truly attain mastery in one lifetime, these practices allow one to access glimpses into alternate realities and provide the foundation to disseminate and ground that information into the precious moments that are continually escaping us.

To discover the secrets of our own personal journey reflects upon everyone’s evolutionary status in the long run. One affects the whole and the whole affects one. Lo Ban Pai brings about fractalized experiences that are multiple, in comparison to one’s situational consciousness being affected by only one reality. When you contact this capacity, you can actualize the leaps that you need to achieve in this lifetime and not be subject to genetic memory loss and forget about what you have experienced and have to start all over again. These principles have been thoroughly elucidated in Lujan’s fifth book, Who Am I?

When in contact with this consciousness, individuals can act to affect their present timeline in a way that then subtly infuses the dynamic of their future, which is the true Mandela effect: to have consequences on past and present dynamics in terms of what one really realizes about what is meant to be applied in this lifetime.

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