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The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

Essentially, this is a guide to activating our hidden reservoirs of multidimensional human potential. As we become immersed in Lujan’s extraordinary life story, a wealth of encrypted knowledge is imperceptibly absorbed. Wellsprings of adaptive wisdom and pragmatic tools for self-liberation trigger a genuine awakening that can’t be ignored.


Awakening the Third Eye

This book offers invaluable insight into how to recognize and develop your own relationship with the magical faculty of third eye seeing and ways to integrate that into daily life practices.


Shadows in the Twilight

When W. L. Ham approaches the Nagual Lujan Matus for insight into enigmatic events that have marked his awareness, what he learns revolutionizes everything he thought he knew. Realizing he has found an authentic guide, Bill enters into an intensive apprenticeship and directly begins to experience our living matrix as the multiplex of lucid interactivity that it truly is.


Whisperings of the Dragon

The revolution begins within, and this is a step-by-step guide to setting your personal metamorphosis in motion, effective immediately. Lujan Matus reveals here, in clear and accessible language, how to recover your authentic self, using the simplest yet most profoundly useful techniques you could ever apply.


Who Am I?: An In-Depth Guide To Empathic Communion

By introducing perspectives that enable us to look beyond the thresholds we are contained within, this book shines a powerful light upon the lies and limitations that have been perpetuated towards humankind. Controversial and necessary, these internal illuminations have the power to change the world, for they will change you.


The Art of Lo Ban Pai: An Introduction to the Internal Philosophy of Spiral Energetics

This handbook outlines the essential elements of Lo Ban Pai as a philosophy, along with a complete overview of all the programs available to be undertaken under the guidance of Lujan Matus. If you have found this book, you are ready to take a major step forward within your own spiritual journey. Lujan’s students typically are those who have been searching for something much more than the commonly available, who take responsibility for their own development and who seek the eminently practical and powerful that encompasses the magical and mystical that surrounds us.


Oracle of the Heart:Whisperings of Wisdom for Daily Reflection

A collection of sayings, quotes, and nuggets of wisdom extracted from the literary works and workshops of Lujan Matus.