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Testimonial - The Three Treasures

For some time, I have wanted to write something in appreciation of the experience I received while attending the Three Treasures workshop, however, every time I thought about sitting to write nothing would be there. It seems the perfect expression would arrive in random moments when I was not in the appropriate place to capture it.

Like a butterfly in the breeze, that which I would try to capture eludes my net and yet when I am relaxed and unexpecting it simply settles upon my nose for a fleeting moment before disappearing again into the swirling momentum of my ever-changing environment.

The process of inner observation is not new to me, but since my time at the workshop, it seems to have taken on new depths where learning to be empty, so that I may effectively receive, has become imperative.

As I am finding with my practice, that which I desire, or expect from previous experience, fails to arrive, but as I learn to dissolve into my Self, what I am left with is the experience of what is unfolding, and, through this experience, the magic is revealed.

I see that the joy of being totally with that moment cannot be captured, for to capture is to revert to the past and in doing so I am losing the present yet again. Therefore, in whatever I’m doing, whether it is with my writing, my practice, or anything else for that matter, all I can do is lose myself in the process and allow to come through what needs to be expressed, trusting that when I am standing firm in my silent truth, all is in divine order.
And so, I write…

I tried to release all expectation heading into this workshop as I wanted to be completely allowing for what needed to appear for me. And appear it did. What I received is far more than the Three Treasures, which is a precious multi-layered gift in itself, and it is far more than I can express with words. However, to give you an idea, what I received was feelings, it was emotion, it was security and freedom to release, it was clarity, confirmation and awareness, encouragement, comradery, compassion, guidance, and Love. Priceless.

I feel it is good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and travel is great for this as it forces you to look at what is stirred up through the process, but opportunities like these, to work with someone so deeply rooted in his personal power and yet so humble and loving, take it to the next level. I began to experience a stirring within in the months leading up to this workshop and it has continued to unfold daily.

All that was given in the structure of the course, the warm-ups, standing poses (which, by the way, I absolutely love!) and the first form of Three Treasures each play an important part in my daily mission to remain awake, aware, and empowered and I am truly grateful that I was able to be there to take part and to receive.

My path has been lined with many challenges, but these are always countered by those amazing beings that appear along the way to shed some light into the dark corners and point a loving finger in the right direction. Lujan is one of those truly exceptional beings. for experience always leads to truth. Now, in reflection, I offer this:

Throughout the course of our interactions, when I felt and observed his presence when we spoke, and I searched those eyes across the room or face to face, what was shining back was a clear vision of the light we each have hiding beneath our many layers of programming. I recognized the efforts and dedication that have gone into keeping up such a luminous state in the world we currently experience and the importance of the work that we each must undertake to rid ourselves of the burdens that have been thrust upon us, allowing for the bright future of our untainted dreams to manifest within this lifetime.

I realized that my journey with Lujan began long before I met him in person and will continue long after, for the connection was established energetically years before I could even comprehend it had occurred. Through words, symbols, images, and concepts. I feel blessed to have met him and all the other beautiful souls that I shared the experience with. You were all teachers to me in your own ways. I feel strongly that through dedication to one’s path the right opportunities arise, the right teachers and the right friends.

I hope we will meet again Lujan, I hope that the opportunity will present itself to continue my learning the art of Lo Ban Pai but above all I hope, pray and envision a future where all beings are free from suffering and I resolve to work towards contributing my clear cut and polished piece within that beautiful puzzle. The Three Treasures is a valuable tool that will help me in this mission.

Much Gratitude, Big Love, and Happy Blessings

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