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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

Yay Lujan!!! We love us!

We are so excited for this world and are so thankful you are here with us!

Thank you for encouraging the heart to blossom, being simple in asking us to be the kind and tender beings we are. We felt to share a message of gratitude!

The gatherings the last two Saturdays were profoundly inspirational for me. I am creating and playing as a farmer in North Carolina recently led to projects that spark my love for life and is truly helping me to realize who I truly am.

The wisdom you have presented has shown me to be humble in my heart, to not allow the thinking center to dictate my relations. In not doing others, and not doing my self, I am also able to commune with the land and plants in a greater capacity. I am able to connect to them as I connect with the long channels of my own body. There are no judgments there, only communication of co-creation and loving support. By dropping knowledge and a perceived knowing, I am able to listen in a new way, without overlaying desires upon the truth of the situation.

This way of being is made obvious when motives are regulated. I personally found how quickly and even skillfully my mind has developed tendencies to interject its desires, wants, and preoccupations upon the sincere intuition of the heart. As I learn to see this as “doing and knowing myself” I come to simply Be. It is truly a prayerful life! My duties as an adult are accomplished with no goals to change what “is”. I am simply present, arterially positioned, and able to participate with what is right in front of me. I find myself in service to what arises from existence – rather than dictating my will upon it.

It is simple; enter the heart, bring the eyes and ears within to witness yourself! We will see the “unreasonable” desires of our programmed tendencies and the “reasonable” desires of the heart. May all beings know the causes to joy and what it is to be in service to silence!

We are continuing to enjoy the beauty of your books and would be so grateful to share a time and space with you someday.

We will continue to walk upon our mountain and enjoy its teachings.

With great gratitude & love,

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