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Testimonial - Gravity Series Workshop

I recently attended the Gravity Series workshop with Lujan Matus. What a great experience! It was so joyful and uplifting to be with such lovely people. I went home feeling renewed after spending time with like-hearted people who are pursuing positive change and living heart-centered awareness. I wish everyone the best.

Gravity series brought an energetically enlivening art to an even more tangible level for me. It’s really amazing to feel the energy so heavily and grounding, and also light and vacuous. The Gravity Series movements of Lo Ban Pai are easy to learn and are very profound.

There is always more refinement to pay attention to and feeling energy flow is always a renewing and enjoyable experience. I felt more electromagnetism than I have ever before with this set of movements.

In Gravity Series you will know what it feels like to energetically spiral into the ground and really connect with the energy of your bones. You will feel this dense electromagnetic energy rising up your central channel, becoming light and vacuous as you draw it up to your heart center, and condense it in your core or dantien.

This is very joyful and promotes all-around health and well-being. Moving gravity is a very good description of what it felt like to me. It is a very grounding practice, as well as uplifting and joyous.

There is also martial application hidden within the gestures, though this is not the focus. Gravity series focuses on becoming aware of energy flow within us and moving this energy purposefully. It’s like a moving meditation that teases subtlety into substance. Your internal dialogue shuts off and you explore the potential (energetic dynamics) of being a magical human being.

Lujan is such a joy to be around and a master teacher on many levels. He truly wants the best for everyone and you will leave wanting more of his infectious happiness and depth of Lo Ban Pai.

He will speak the words of your heart and the wisdom to empower all to do the same for one another. Lujan helps reawaken us to our potential and purpose as human beings in truly being of service to one another. Thank you, Lujan, for these precious gifts.

Much love.

We are now accepting registrations for private Online Spiritual Guidance and small group training in Sedona, AZ. The next opportunity to attend the Gravity Series is from February 8th-12th, 2021.

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