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Dragon gates are the shen-gongs located within and surrounding the body that connect us to the world at large. Through processes of social engineering crucial aspects of their inherent functionality are muted. Lo Ban Pai reactivates these power centers so that dormant electromagnetic hubs return to their original state as the natural interdimensional portals that they are.

Unlike passive or still meditation that relies on abstract concepts such as mantra or rituals, Lo Ban Pai directly engages the etheric energy field and kinesthetic awareness, which then draws in situational attraction in terms of what we become open to.

When our peripheral focus is placed on both activated palms, these two points form a hidden third location. This creates a refraction of attention, which allows the practitioner to locate and connect to the Dragon Gates in terms of feeling.

The dynamic application of movements and active mudras of Lo Ban Pai activate the shen-gongs as bi-directional portals. The practitioner beckons from within, and eternity finds an opening whereby it can respond. This manifests the subtle miracle of entering a Dragon Gate, which is a direct experience of communion with spirit, for one’s emptiness co-opts an intimate interaction that is heart-based. Once received the solar plexus then disseminates this impulse through the entire system. These gifts of eternity allow us to glean insights, even years after an event, as one’s reality manifests situations relevant to our true evolution.

Within Lo Ban Pai, we generate vortices via the movements, which in essence allow us to apprehend all forms of light directly from our environment. These frequencies are inevitably transformed and collected by our toroidal field.

When we become electrically charged via our practice we create heightened sensitivity within our biofield and this enhances our capacity to absorb and then observe what is necessary for the evolution of our consciousness. Thus our body becomes familiarized with the omnipresent factor, which is fractally available and will adapt and facilitate accordingly to the needs of the moment.

Everything that is realized is readapted into each individual’s bioelectromagnetic matrix. This is how we step forward into our own personal spiritual growth as conscious beings, in terms of attempting to be aware of what we are traveling towards. The information that arrives upon our biofield through these dragon gates is always transforming since our planet is traveling, the stars are moving and everything is in continual flux. We are subject to different light, alternative pressures, and endless variations of frequency as a result of that perpetual motion.

The vortices created within Lo Ban Pai, through the elegant gestures of this internal system, are conjoined with figure-eight movements, which function as a key that unlocks the surrounding energy field. These dynamic mudras allow the unknown to become infused within our field of consciousness in terms of our capacity to understand what we are absorbing as feeling. Feeling is a universal language that inevitably transforms into insight, then that frequency is adapted into the words that need to be spoken,  and this arrival is like being subject to a different culture. Each time this influx renews, one becomes extremely expansive as a result of the frequential recalibration. By virtue of this contact one invariably evolves into the fractal anomaly that we truly are as interdimensional beings.

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