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Testimonial - Online Spiritual Guidance

Words really can’t describe the degree to which our relationship has changed the course of my life. Attempting to communicate the detail of this through our online sessions would have taken all of the time and felt futile and unimportant in relatively to the insight delivered by our discussions. Let me be clear now though:

The power I have received from Lujan Matus has opened my heart to the inherent knowing that has evaded me for years through doubt and interference. No one I have encountered has ever delivered an aura of integrity and genuine honesty that could be felt as clearly as through him and it emboldens a trust in oneself that displaces all entrenched skepticism. Being given language to describe what is so difficult to describe is an invaluable and precious gift all on its own, but he has made a connection in me, that shatters illusions daily and empowers me in all my practices and daily living.

Communications with Lujan are as fluid and comfortable as speaking with your oldest friend. Most often what Is needed to be heard is said with little, if any, verbal provocation, or even any verbal exchange whatsoever. In fact, the most profound gift given was one based on a sympathetic resonance achieved during our first session that established an anchor for myself to supersede an imprinted detrimental behavior.

Like magic (that it was) I was transformed, and no cognitive process was necessary for this embodiment beyond the announcement of its arrival. This is empathic communion; what has been lost and ignored by modern society, what I feel is paramount to our progression as evolving beings, and of course what is at the core of Lujan’s book, Who Am I?.

This is the force that guides our conversations toward what needs to be said and refuses what is superfluous and unnecessary. This mingling of frequencies is what led myself to begin my apprenticeship (for lack of a better term) and find and receive the strength and knowledge to eventually become available for this direct friendship with Lujan.

This lost art of engagement with our environment intersects every facet of struggle we as humanity face, and only if we can tap back into this awareness can we persevere in this world as the loving empaths that we truly are meant to be. Only then can the incessant onslaught of inhumanity plaguing humankind possibly disperse from us, but in order to reach this level of genuine heart connection, we must operate from a place that has been very much discussed in all of Lujan’s work: our inner child. I will tell you now how I came to realize the supreme importance of this ultimate understanding.

Lujan and I discussed much in so many ways about what we can individually do in our own environments to be of service and resist our systemic societal disease, with the question of “what can we do?” echoing through my meditations. Closing our final session together, I felt equally excited about what was discovered and experienced as I was wishing I could continue our conversations indefinitely.

Lujan had pointed out the stories from his book that show the duplicitous potential of water to be simultaneously appearing healthy but act poisonous. I remembered them. The covetous nature of my desire was not unrealized, and it expressed itself as a blockage in my personal expression, specifically noticeable in musical performance, so I focused to meditate on the matter and dissect this apparent disservice I was committing against myself, and invariably Lujan as well.

The lessons I have learned, and continue to realize, grow, and breathe life into every situation and continually expand upon themselves, and the practical advice given for an active practice deliver me to new levels of personal power fueling further expansion in capability. I naturally feel inclined to rise earlier and practice without typical weariness and unease. Others are more open and receptive to the hearts flow of words and communications are received with less error or interference, and when there is interference I am available to know and, most importantly, to feel when…something I couldn’t always say. And arguably my favorite aspect of all: music wants to be played.

You are a true friend and teacher of humanity and it’s my only wish to express my gratitude positively and to be of service to you in any regard possible. I feel our communion bridging this divide in humanity and expanding upon our potential to evolve. Your presence is a blessing and I am grateful for any and every opportunity to commune with your being, which should be emphasized includes every moment I spend in gratitude and recognition of all you have given and actively give to myself (frequently every day).

All of the love,

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