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Due to the clear system delivered by the Nagual Lujan Matus in his books, I’m starting to come to grips with my experiences, thus gaining ground to make effective changes in my life.

Whisperings of the Dragon was the first book I read. Breathing within bones and arteries is something that’s starting to happen spontaneously and I see it’s really good for my body healing.

In The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception I’ve finally seen what seers ascended in the third attention can do in terms of affecting our reality from multidimensional positions, delivering pertinent gifts to humanity, even though they are now suspended in eternity. I always sought clarity in the inorganic predators subject, and I’ve found confirmation and powerful expansion to my insights in this book. I say my insights but I think many people today are increasingly aware and somehow possessing notions of how we can be manipulated.

I’m forever grateful for the clarity delivered and I felt like if wasn’t it being exposed so masterfully I would spend much more time traversing shadow intent hopelessly. My recapitulation process is becoming meaningful. I can see chains of events connected to imprints, entity interference, and how they interweave in our construct. I feel like those naguals altogether put an important piece for human evolution at this juncture of time.

In Awakening the Third Eye I was truly relieved seeing Lujan’s behavior as a nagual. Refreshing sobriety, common sense delivered to create a sustainable base for the traversing of the warrior’s way in our contemporary world. I’m removing all the baggage from a misinterpretation of stalking before attempting the techniques.

I saved Shadows in the Twilight to be the last, thinking it would be the least relevant. I was wrong, at least for my present situation. I could relate intensely to Bill’s experiences and as I was starting to see the patterns of interference in my life, the experiences related in this book by Bill and Lujan were the catalyst necessary for me to realize I’ve exceeded myself in my chaotic approach in the last years. I was avoiding the realization that I had visited strange realms and the consequences this can have. I look further to the moment of releasing me of this influence.

I’m lucky because I could impart some of this information to my brother and sister and now home is a better place in the sense we are opening ourselves to our potential. It was only this space of trust and caring provided by them that led me to expose my entity drama and since then it just gets better. For much time I was locked in the paradigm that the warrior must have a barrier between him and his family. Fortunately, the level of awareness of our planet has elevated to the point that yes there are people (and common syntax) to relate our experiences and we don’t need to hide or mask our identity.

For the moment I am puzzled by the complexity that my life has arrived upon. I just want to understand things better and dislodge agendas from my heart path. I want to be careful and to have real decisions but honestly, it seems a little distant, sometimes I feel like It’s everything so frail and that perhaps I’m not realizing it to the point of actually changing.

Previously I was setting up myself to make my living through a form of art, but the way I was setting up would inevitably put me in positions that need self-validation to work them out. Now I have to calm my heart and guide it to other purposes knowing I’m certainly not losing anything. Or do I have to traverse this intent to understand and close this matter?

I don’t know.

Lujan, I’m humbled by your presence in our time. I think many warriors found and can find a path with heart due to your input.


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