Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

The experience of the Golden Lotus workshop keeps rippling through my being. Not only the movements, the energy and experiencing sharing time-space with Lujan, but also the amazement about the variety of people and nations who were attracted to this work.

I feel I’ve been (and still are) part of a seed of hope of a growing true humanness – authentic, tender, powerful, fearless, humorous, present, loving and many more qualities for which there are no words. Lujan kept addressing and referring to just this humanness, saturating the field with this truth through his being.

Like the tropic heat which through gentle persistence eventually dissolved my physical resistances the energy work touched me in a very subtle way so I awoke more and more to a deep sense of self acceptance and presence. One morning during the workshop I awoke with the awareness that a deep rooted and well hidden sense of separation and envy had lifted.

I just knew then, that I am exactly in the right place and my work is where I am Now and there is no point in saving energy, awareness, speech, and dedication to any future task. This has meanwhile grown into a feeling that the world is moving through my being, that events and truths are arriving and leaving constantly rather than me moving through the world.

I am happy to have found a teacher and keeper of “soft shamanism” which looks simple yet is really the more challenging way as Lujan said. How true! In our world of having, conquering, achieving, pushing and the desperation of determining predictable results his work and attitude offers another way which holds great hope for our present time. It teaches me to stay out of the way of the healing process individually and collectively.

It is all about unfolding, allowing, surrendering, listening, humbleness, joy and discernment of the appropriate moves beyond any concept – life itself being the only authority.

In gratitude for reminding me of the way home and for creating a space to find the other “seeds”.


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