Testimonial – Golden Lotus Workshop

I’m finally putting pen to paper about my experience at The Golden Lotus Workshop. I came to the workshop without any expectations, but was surprised to see so many people in the workshop as I thought it would be a smaller group of 6-8 people. Lujan picked up on my apprehension and quickly settled me by recognising that he had previously spoken to me on Skype.

We started to learn the movements which I found hard at first but later got used to it. The movements seemed to change as the energy changed in the group so I found it hard to keep track of what we were doing. The energy finally Settled when Genki, the last member of the group arrived. Throughout the workshop Lujan was constantly explaining what the movements were and how it works. I found the notes we were given very helpful to remember the sequence.

I had a number of awakening experiences during the workshop; the first being when Lujan asked us to place our hands with fingers intertwined over our hearts. I felt pressure on my throat. Relaying this to Lujan he said, my throat was blocked and I was unable to speak my truth owing to the restrictions placed on me because of my ethnicity.

One night I couldn’t sleep as I was struggling with the concept of calling someone ‘Master’, especially a Westerner. The next day in class a fellow student explained why Lujan is a ‘Master’. Because of the experiences this student had had over a number of years with him, after this I had no doubt that he is a ‘Master’ (Sifu).

I had a lot of wonderful interactions with my fellow students. On one occasion as I was speaking my truth, I was unable to finish my sentence as I had a strong overwhelming feeling that stopped me in my tracks, which I believe was my Higher Self. I walked away to regain my composure and then it was time to go back into the class. Once again Lujan somehow had picked up on this conversation and his analysis highlighted traits that I recognised in myself. I have never experienced so much love and compassion from one person. I now see that I had been hiding behind a wall of sarcasm, judgement and self-righteousness.

We carried on with the movements and I began to feel even more magnetism as I opened up to my True Self. That night as I lay awake I felt I had something to share with the class but I didn’t at the time know what it was. I didn’t want to script anything as I wanted it to be from my heart centre so I left myself open to receive. The next day as I sat in the class, Lujan walked in with his loving smile and gaze that opens up souls and walked around hugging everyone. When he reached me he put his arm around me and whispered ‘You have something to say’ to which I was flabbergasted. How could he possibly know everything? He sat on his stall and beckoned me over to join him, which put me on the spot. So I spoke to the group about us being ‘beings of light that have come to spread love on the planet, but we should start with ourselves’ and I was overwhelmed by the response.

Towards the end of the workshop, a group of us were relaxing playing instruments and singing and I began to sing an expression of love for Lujan. Doron asked me to repeat what I sang and he recorded it. After I said that I had never had an experience like this before, the Lizard on the ceiling said ‘tick tick tick’ LOL! Doron had added verses and said to me that we were going to sing it to Lujan so we had to practise. This is the song on the blog.

In all I believe that everything happens for a reason. All the experiences I had, even those I haven’t mentioned, were reflected to me by the Omnipresence through Sifu Lujan as well as members of the class. I will forever be indebted to you all for this life changing experience. I also know that it is possible to be working completely from the Heart Centre. During this experience I visited my past, present and future.

Thank you Doron, never miss an opportunity, thank you Monica for your lesson on integrity and thank you Chris for making me see I was the boy in the corner. Until we meet again may G-d bless you all?

“THE ONE” “ Shalom”
Surrey, UK

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