I had come to meet Lujan Matus and learn the Golden Lotus series. At our first meeting, Lujan immediately tuned into my energy and it became clear that I had not turned up to learn the Golden Lotus series after all. I trusted his guidance and what was unfolding and in the week that followed, I learned about Awakening of the Energy Body instead.

Straight from the start, our conversation was powerful and stormed across many different topics including one that I care very much about, namely the disturbing state of crisis on our planet. Little I knew that by the end of that same week, I would receive one the most surprising and profound revelations about this very topic and what actions (literally!) are required to address this crisis.

I should start by saying that I have never had any specific interests in martial arts and consequently, I had no experience whatsoever with this kind of practices. Nevertheless, there I was learning these strange postures and movements – which Lujan calls “the inner alchemy of Ling Kong Jing” – some of which my body seemed to love at first move and some other, well, not so much.

With a profound kindness, Lujan encouraged me to be more accepting of what I perceived as my limitations. He lovingly embraced my tears when my hips would stubbornly refuse to cooperate and allowed a safe space for me to loosen up those internal tensions. In the most graceful way, Lujan invited me to laugh aloud at every turn and to engage my curiosity while allowing the gifts of these ‘limitations’ to unveil themselves.

So, I diligently sweated myself away every morning, meeting me inside each movement and learning to find my moment of ‘zing’ in each posture (you know, those magical moments that take you by surprise with their perfect poise and in so doing, they deliver this impalpable inner knowing that you are just exactly where you are supposed to be). By the end of the week, something more than magical happened.

Through the daily practice, the way to freedom was whispered gently into my heart and most unexpectedly (and certainly, less romantically) in my guts. Over the course of the week, the topic of food and healthy eating had come up several times.

Although I have been vegetarian for the last 8 years, I am very conscious about sourcing the best quality of organic produce and I am overall very healthy, Lujan pointed out the need for me to consider removing some specific foods from my current diet. I was listening to his suggestions and already started making the necessary adjustments, when I finally heard what had really been communicated… After practicing every morning, I was noticing this strange tiredness that would come about immediately after lunch.

Of course, I had experienced the postprandial ‘slowness’ that follows a meal before and I know that the body is diverting the energy to the guts so that food can be digested and metabolized. This tiredness was different though, and felt very suspicious. I decided to experiment with it – I would eat something light, like a small salad – to see what that would do and still, the strange tiredness would present itself. Then the Eureka moment delivered itself!

What was revealed is that I eat the way I eat because that is what I do as a socialized human, whether I really feel like eating this or that or anything at all. This is a ‘doing’ the socialized human I am has been conditioned to carefully fulfill. It turned out that I am not truly listening to my body in regards to food (even if I thought I was!) as I continued to ignore the message that ‘right now I need lighter food and even a salad is too much’. So the real question that emerged was ‘how long do I want to play along?’

Our society is structured in such a way that we are all conditioned to consume food or anything else (including ideas!) when it is not necessary. The conditioning demands that we consume too much to the point that it is no even nourishing. I realized that through our conversations about food, diet and parasite cleanses, Lujan was directing me to see the social expectancy system that demands more and more, again and again.

My interaction with Lujan catalyzed a clear knowing of the fact that I have been imprinted, imprisoned and literally, held by the guts. To know that I can terminate my alliance with this deplorable device in my own life, feels like a clear act of defiance that changes the whole game. It is a true declaration of sovereignty and tastes like yummy freedom – and that is nurturing food for our planet!

So, I wish for every body to find their way to Lujan’s presence and access his teachings. In just one short week, he taught me how deeply amazing the body truly is. Although this may sound trivial, it is everything but.

Lovingly, Lujan has showed me that this magical body made of flesh, bones, tendons and so much more holds the best-kept secret. It is a multidimensional key that opens a door of beauty and freedom – through his teachings of Spiral Energetics, Lujan helped me to move this courageous body of mine in such a way that now there is no other choice but to walk free.

Much gratitude,
Monnie Gi

The trans-dimensional aspects of Ling Kong Jing are to open the crown portal, which commences the journey of universal communion in humble gentleness. This portal has been depicted in many biblical images as a halo and one can view through this when the central universal access has been opened within the lower dantien through the exercises of Ling Kong Jing within Awakening the Energy Body.

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