Dear Lujan,

Although I do practice Lo Ban Pai – the Golden Lotus Series – it is not in a way I would call proficient. I love it but the early morning practice before work is a challenge. Like Lyra, I often feel your presence when I practice, and this inspires me to further my studies and gather the energy bit by bit. As I practice, I often see myself at an edge, like infinity’s gate; and I watch shooting stars birth from the eternal darkness while my hands dance.

I am continuously astounded by the effects of the Eight Gates and the teachings in Whisperings of the Dragon. The meditation is so strong it has brought a feeling of weightlessness within silence as I go about things day to day, but more importantly, it has connected me to my body in a very intimate level. Something speaks from a cellular level in strange ways and guides me.

While my adrenals began to suffer due to the workload of my job a while back, it told me to look for magnolia bark. It felt like knowledge from another life was recovered and brought forward to aid my body now, since I have never heard of it before. It really does feel like my cells have tuned into some other timeless part of my self and my current consciousness is more a listener then acting upon this new found voice. Though I am still sensitive to the emanations from those around me, I am more centered and speak less though more forthrightly than I would normally.

This meditation has helped enormously when I merge into the silence while I move. There is a point where my body becomes weightless then, too.

This weightless feeling appeared in my dream last night, as I became spontaneously lucid in it. In the dream I was walking naked, wanting to get home. As I began to walk, I said to myself that I should really stop procrastinating and fly instead. So I did. I lifted off and began to fly home.

Thus definitely booking a plane ticket and flying to see you soon. And continue to work on those early morning practices.

Lots of love,

The weightlessness that you are experiencing is a definite byproduct of the practice of Lo Ban Pai. There is a bundle of nerves that are at the back of the spine. These are seen as a tail before one emerges from the embryonic state to a fully developed baby within the womb.

This nerve bundle is traditionally called “witches broom”. The reason for this folk tale about magical beings flying on brooms has to do with this nerve bundle creating a sense of weightlessness; or anti-gravity.

As for the Whisperings of the Dragon, before one is born they are within the mother’s womb with eyes closed, inwardly traversing, listening to what can’t be heard, viewing what can’t be seen and touching upon the infinite aspect of that primal essence, which is immortally innocent within that quietude.

Every single human being has experienced this. Embarking upon remembering is the journey to discover what we have forgotten.

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