Hey Lujan,

I hope you are doing well. Last night I had an interesting experience involving places I had been in my life after doing dragon’s tears.

Lately as I’m falling asleep I am aware of the darkness around me like it is observing without slipping into dreams or awakening and some part of me has relaxed much like when I trained with you years ago.

I can’t discern myself from inside or out and feeling the limitlessness I lose myself and feel i’m observing and simultaneously being observed, then I seem to become like a fabric similar to ribbons and as my body extends slightly, it suddenly contracts and I kick or jolt in my bed.

This had built up until last night and while I was still awake finishing tears I became very calm and silent then I shifted into being that darkness around me feeling it encompassing the surrounding mountains and I turned into the ribbons.

My energy released instantly in all directions and visited many places I had frequented in my life. It was unusual in that I seemed to scoop up residual energy left behind and only saw these places which gained speed until I felt surrounded by another part of myself composed of that energy gathered and this part became Like a massive suit of armor around me which was conscious and enhanced my knowing and feelings.

Much like a place I resided in made of my own energy which was invested in these places and times around the world throughout my life. It was almost Like dying and revisiting all these spaces and moments which converged where i had stored these parts which awaited this moment to funnel, where I had been composing another dimension of awareness integrating into and around my body. Finally I saw eyes watching but when I merged with them I couldn’t see myself anymore and felt completely released.

This feeling related to when I first trained with you and we became composed of void like fluid surrounded by darkness and you said it was because my energy expanded. Do you have any more insights into this experience involving locations and this dark expansion?

Thank you for your time,

There is no further insight that I can really give you in terms of you experiencing your own recapitulation of what you have witnessed.

Seeing is never vague and there is an omnipresent matrix that dilates and then retracts upon receiving information in terms of the individual being subject to it. One must always be diligently aware, yet relaxed enough not to be concerned with obtaining specifics because in reality it may not be the itemized units of information that really need to be witnessed.

To evolve as a humanity beyond our current trajectory – individually and collectively – we must all become aware of our limitations via the limitlessness that moves beyond that boundary. This is why it is imperative, from the perspective of perception, to relax into the attention that may be yielding new opportunities to be grasped.

Nevertheless, it is always important to realize that these new and all-encompassing insights require reduction. Even though one has expanded beyond their limited confines, this original point of reference must in turn be reduced.

As for true recapitulation, every moment absorbs the past and present that becomes the future manifestation, which reveals the liquidity needed to see all as one empty force that continually converges upon itself, linearly and inter-dimensionally.

As for the jolting that you experience before you go to sleep, this is not too dissimilar to a flare that emanates from the sun. You see, universal form mimics itself in terms of the natural consequence of our holographic imagery – not just mimicking – but following very subtle units of information that are only mirroring what is automatically available.

Our dantien is like the sun. As the energy bursts from it and the flare goes down the leg or the arm, this part of the anatomy will lift or jolt. This is the beginning stages of ling kong jing; the empty force that manifests from Dragon’s Tears. As everybody develops upon their unified field I will begin to teach how to move and direct the dantien so as to fully manifest this phenomena.

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