Is it possible to move your assemblage point without knowing it’s happening?


The assemblage point was and is a didactic device. There actually is no point of assemblage. It is just a description that gives an intellectual platform to attempt to perceive the possibility of altering one’s perception.

In his books, Carlos Castaneda described Juan Matus explaining the term “assemblage point’ as a didactic device and many readers have not questioned this explanation further. A didactic device is a literary description with the intention to bring about understanding.

This is why some readers have never really understood Carlos Castaneda’s writings about this phenomena. In his whole association with Juan Matus he was never hit in the back once. It was only a metaphor – one that many people are trapped within.

To answer your question, when one’s perception changes you will automatically be aware of that perception. There is nothing unconscious about becoming conscious.

The biggest dilemma for warriors is to become aware of what they are meant to see. But if they are trying to see what they want to see because they have been told that’s the way they should see it – in relation to the didactic device that was used in Carlos Castaneda’s books in terms of the assemblage point –  you can and will be trapped in that if you believe it to be a truth.

I have a student that is in his late sixties and when I first met him he fervently argued for the idea of the assemblage point to be true. Then years later he told me that he was in one of the small classes with Carlos Castaneda over thirty years ago and he remembered that Carlos was confessing that the idea of the assemblage point was erroneous and that he was never hit once by Juan Matus in the back.

It is not what you perceive it is how you perceive it. And it is not what you believe that is of the most importance; it is to suspend belief so as to allow a different state of consciousness to awaken you to your next level of evolution.

So be careful to wait without waiting. And take a steady pace towards your destination and realize you have no time to waste within that.

Be aware also that your state of consciousness may determine the outcome of what you are aware of. As you are immersed within that, is that the next step you are meant to take?

These are all very valid questions. Can they be answered? Or is it best to wait for the experience to answer it for you?

I say this in reference to your question about the assemblage point. Because you have asked it, it is blatantly obvious that you cannot see through the illusion because you wish to believe it is true.

I have seen many times in my life so deeply that the whole construct – which is the world at large – turned into light fibers. I saw many things that cannot be explained. Within that luminous perception, there was no assemblage point to be seen on any creature; plant or animal.

Here is your next trap. In the books that Carlos wrote, he said that there are many different seers within the world. Some will see this and some will see that. The Toltec doctrine is circular. Within it there are traps not too dissimilar to mazes.

To discover where you have been lured you need energy and for this to manifest, there must be pure epiphanies, realizations, personal truths that do not depend upon another person’s experience for you to evolve.

This is the main problem at the moment with a lot of people. To go to workshops and read books to find what is already within the center of you, that cannot be seen via the social descriptions, that in the long run will not unveil the omnipresence that can only be seen, felt and heard when there is nothing available to contradict its presence.

Don’t think about it. Let it happen.

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