Lujan, I’d like to tell you about what I have been experiencing with the Eight Gates meditation. Most often, I can’t seem to feel anything beyond the first three gates. Nevertheless, results are still occurring.

I’ve found myself craving food that I don’t eat, like chocolate cake, and buying it anyway. When I brought it home, my boyfriend was shocked, saying he had chocolate in his car and was afraid to bring it in because I would object to it.

Recently, I was gazing at my garden and suddenly felt very ill. As I was wondering what might be wrong, my dog stood up from at my side, walked a distance away, and threw up.

These sensations are occurring more frequently. It can be confusing. I have found that it often leads me to things that must be done, though, and have saved me from situations that would have been worse had I waited to act. I’m having fun with it, too. It’s so very interesting. Thank you for sharing with us what you have learned.



These experiences you are having are a natural consequence of your own personal growth expanding beyond social limitations. Becoming aware of somebody else’s desires in terms of craving chocolate cake is a reflection of their hidden behavior.

Experiencing nausea because your dog wants to vomit is showing you the extent of your growth as a human being. As your energy bubble matures, in terms of its capacity to be aware of its surroundings, so will you too evolve to encompass what will reflect your personal growth as a manifestation of what is a natural occurrence of you becoming aware. This is what you’ve got to look forward too.

These are all good signs. But remember, when you try to be aware of what you have just mentioned, it won’t happen. To be ready without being ready is like waiting without actually waiting. You can’t really know anything unless you drop your need to be aware of it.


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