I’ve just become acquainted with you and Parallel Perception in the past few days. My attention is completely piqued. Already, especially after The Mirror Technique, my thoughts, words, actions, intentions have been affected. I feel just this introductory connection with you has connected me to something ‘different’. Words seem inadequate to describe the experience.

Regarding Dream Interpretations: You responded to a blog post: when you begin to see, everything is revealed in the mannerisms of everybody’s body. Does that apply to interpreting one’s own dream?

My dad died 11 months ago. I’ve had a few dreams about him in recent months. In the first, he and I were enjoying walking along a meadow path together, when we came around a bend suddenly to a small pond.

Instantly, my dad was gone, and I KNEW he was gone into the vortex of water spiraling in the center of the pool, never to BE again. I wasn’t afraid or surprised at that. I had a deep peaceful knowing where he’d gone. Then I was suddenly in the vortex of water, almost up to my waist, pushing down on the surface of the water trying to pull myself out, screaming, No! No! This is NOT happening to me! Not me! Not now! I woke up.

A second dream a few months later: My siblings and Dad and I are sitting in a casual poolside setting around a shallow pool. It is warm out, but no one is in the water. After some time, everyone is obviously becoming warmer and warmer. I’m staring into the water, waiting for a cue that it’s okay to go in. Then, I notice a silty-white, sandy film on the bottom of the pool. I wonder, What is that?

Why hasn’t the pool been cleaned?

Why isn’t anyone cleaning it now, so we can all cool off and enjoy it?

My siblings are almost statute-like, not caring, not interacting; like movie extras filling in the background. I hop off my chair and declare, Ok! I’ll do it! I’ll do it! And I begin walking through it, shuffling my feet, wading around, stirring up the sandy bottom — and the silt is instantly sucked away, and the water quickly becomes clear and beautiful.

A foreign-looking man, in a white smock and dervish-type hat, comes running toward me, screaming to me to stop! He is aggravated, loud, screaming, waving his arms, running toward me. I yell, Dad, Dad, stop him, stop him! I wake up.

Thank you for your insight.

Interpretations of one’s dreams applies specifically to the feelings that you obtain when witnessing the visual content. The difficulty in being in the position to answer your questions is that I have not received completely the full scope of your feelings. Only you can fully feel the dreamscape as it occurs in front of you.

It is very obvious that you love your father and he kept you safe. Be aware that the most powerful act that a human being can perform in terms of entering dreams lucidly is to know that they are the same person within the dream that they are within their waking world.

The strongest effect that you can have upon your dreaming explorations is to break your social bindings within your waking world so completely that you become a stranger within your environment. So strange that it seems that you are a covert operative, yet immersed within the world around you.

This will affect your dreams in such a way that you will be called by your own name and realize who you are in comparison to the dreamscape presented. This is one of the most difficult things to achieve because it requires the warrior to take very long distant strides away from what is normally acceptable within societal parameters in terms of being involved socially. This can take a lifetime.

For all of you who really wish to obtain full visionary experiences within the dreamscape, stay awake for two days. Sit yourself up on a chair. Let your body go to sleep while you attempt to stay awake.

Here is where full visions and explosions of energy will manifest within the human form.

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