Dear Lujan,

I am continuing my practice of Dragon’s Tears and am feeling more of the energy in my hands. I feel it is stirring up so much for me as well as grounding me.

When I returned from meeting with you, I felt a natural surge of energy and lightness that came from letting go and having new insights. I felt so free and focused on what mattered without extra effort or pressure.

But lately, I feel that I have been grasping at this feeling of wanting to feel free and energized again instead of allowing it to come naturally. Of course, because of my grasping, the feeling does not come as easily.

At the same time, old fears from my past keep creeping back in and affecting my reactions to my love and making it hard for me to bring awareness back to myself.

Do you have any insights on this process?

Love and respect,
Soo Young

Soo Young, it is so nice to hear from you again. Do the same as what you experienced with me in the Bahamas. Be fully within your truth. Act appropriately in accordance to your circumstances.

In a relationship there is never anything lost when truth is expressed. You have a great reservoir of energy that can be applied to your seeing. Be steady and speak before your mind is activated.

Talk the feelings that come to commune with you before they are transported into anything social in terms of your immediate circumstances and anything that may have previously impacted you. This includes your cultural systems of belief that you have inherited in this lifetime.

We all have a unique opportunity at the moment where all borders can be brought down through not identifying with our birthplace of origin.

Within we are composed of enormous amounts of light. All characteristics are dissolved within that and all truths pertaining to it reveal the very delicate path between a black and a white hat. There you must endeavor to stay, not accessing what is thought to be good and not accepting what is deemed to be bad. Yet within a profound state of equilibrium reveal the truth that is obviously apparent in between the two.

How are your Dragon’s Tears now going?

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