Lujan, in your book Whisperings of the Dragon you write about the medicine wheel of wisdom. You mention three energetic toxicities and refer to them as the poison dragon, the white tiger, and the black widow. I have also heard you speak many times about other energetic truths, such as leaking one’s sexual energy or how our heart’s energy can spin in the opposite direction from when we are open and truthful.

You speak of how the poison dragon is deceitful. I have been wondering about this a great deal since learning from you that our strength can come from being able to speak our heart’s voice. I can feel much wasted energy just trying to get to that voice, and speaking my heart often creates feelings so intense in others that I feel I have angered them. I can see how this anger reverberates through interaction after interaction, causing more and more confusion.

Is it possible to reveal the poison dragon in another without endangering ourselves?

Does simply having integrity in our lives and being able to speak one’s heart’s voice lead to sealing one’s energy where it belongs?

Much love,

As I’ve mentioned in Whisperings of the Dragon, in line with this subject, it is of great importance to know when to speak when you realize something and when not to speak when that insight can perpetuate harmful eddies within the human edifice.

This is a very important subject. Upon one’s life path one appropriates indefinable items that enter one’s inner silence through the mere act of observing the phenomena without interfering with it, in terms of an experience.

There is always a risk when one opens up to another and the dilemma that one is faced with in these situations is that if you choose to speak your heart’s truth, in terms of your knowing, you must have the equal amount of power to back up what you are saying so as to be in harmonious alignment with what may manifest from the person’s personality. Whether they be a white tiger, a black widow, or a poison dragon, if power requires you to speak, know that you must follow through. Otherwise you will end up with more than a mess.

If you say something and power requires you not to follow through you must observe that mess manifesting around you. In doing so you will incrementally absorb the most pertinent amount of information required to give the necessary distance for that observation to occur.

The web of life is extremely complex at the moment. Edifices within the social realm rotate in endless eddies. For the wise this is an interesting situation, which in Chinese terms is known as the curse. In the uninitiated the curse of being born in interesting times may be devastating. So it is always pertinent to tread carefully, for you may not be welcome and find yourself in very dangerous situations by being available when you should be inaccessible, through your heartfelt availability.

In essence everything I have said to answer your questions cannot truly bear relevance to what you really need to do within the sphere of your personal power. Within your own moments of unfolding be aware that power will provide you with a key but remember this is as fleeting as a glance that was never seen and as light as a feather that is difficult to touch.

For your destiny unravels you as life unfolds in front of you.

love, Lujan

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